Did Will Trent Give Swimfan Vibes? Was Fire Country Quick to Snuff Prison Drama? Will Niles Now Visit Frasier? New NCIS Spinoff Teased? More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Will Trent, True Detective, NCIS and The Rookie!

1 | Between NBC’s FoundHulu’s Life & Beth and The CW’s upcoming Sight Unseen, is this the most representation we’ve seen for people struggling with agoraphobia since Monk?

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2 | What were the odds that Fire Country’s Bode — akin to his friendship with Freddy — found himself bunking in prison with yet another perfectly wonderful, genial inmate? Also, where were all the other inmates when Bode squared off against Sleeper in the middle of the cell block? And did you have to laugh at how quickly Season 2 sprung Bode from prison?

3 | After watching the NBA All-Star Saturday Night challenges be held on an animated LED court, we ask: Is such a surface too slippery for regular game play? Because it is cool. As for the NBA All-Star Game itself (which the East this year won by a score of 211-186!!!!), is there any way to make it not ridiculously defense-free?

4 | Now that True Detective: Night Country’s case is closed: Why didn’t the phone video of Annie K.’s death match her actual death that we saw in the finale? How did Beatrice determine that all of the Tsalal men were equally responsible for Annie’s murder and therefore deserving of death, based on what she found in the lab? And did you think Navarro was dead at the end, or simply off the grid?

5 | Are the American Idol judges going to give a standing ovation to every halfway-decent audition they hear in Season 22…?

6 | The Way Home fans, did Teen Brady’s cringe-y proposal ruin Moulin Rouge/”Come What May” for you forever?

7 | Who at Warner Bros. Discovery thought it would be a good idea, after 10 seasons, to stop posting Last Week Tonight segments to YouTube the morning after? And why only do this for John Oliver and not Real Time With Bill Maher, which continues to post multiple segments to YouTube on Saturday mornings?

8 | After watching Monday’s The Neighborhood, can we all agree that Max Greenfield should have played one of the Kens in Barbie?

The Neighborhood
The Neighborhood

9 | Couldn’t The Bachelor’s producers at least have let Jess say goodbye to the other girls before abruptly sending her away? And should Canadian officials have locked up Jenn for crimes against poutine?

10 | Did CBS not think anyone would realize Bob Hearts Abishola aired its first two Season 5 episodes out of order — what with Tunde getting glasses during this week’s A story, despite already wearing said glasses in the Feb. 12 premiere?

Bob Hearts Abishola
Bob Hearts Abishola

11 | Was NCIS planting the seed for another international spinoff by noting that “the Far East office” (as did counterparts in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Sydney) sent sympathy flowers after Ducky’s death?

12 | OK, this week’s NCIS: Hawai’i triggered us: Can cop shows please come up with a nickname for the bad guys’ brilliant drugs/bioweapons chemist other than… The Chemist?

13 | As Good Doctor viewer/TVLine reader Byron wisely pointed out, did the writers forget that Lea is St. Bonaventure’s in-house IT specialist (who once combatted cyber terrorism all on her own!) and therefore would’ve had no issue doing something as simple as disconnecting an app from her home Bluetooth speaker?

14 | Did Tuesday’s Will Trent premiere inspire anyone else to revisit the 2002 cult classic Swimfan? ▲

15 | Watching The Rookie, if you saw an eclectic group of people emerge from an SUV and synch their watches outside a bank in broad daylight, would you maybe think something is afoot?

The Rookie
The Rookie

16 | Good Trouble/The Fosters fans, how surprised were you to see Bailee Madison return as Callie’s half-sister Sophia during the engagement party episode? And did it make you wonder why Callie’s bio dad (played by Kerr Smith) wasn’t at the party?

17 | Did Extended Family fail guest star Kelly Stables, who previously played Melissa on CBS’ Two and a Half Men and Eden on TV Land’s The Exes yet didn’t have a scene with either Jon Cryer or Donald Faison?

Extended Family Kelly Stables
Extended Family Kelly Stables

18 | Did The Young and the Restless really waste half of an episode on a debate about whether to rename Chancellor-Winters “Abbott-Chancellor-Winters”? (Bad newzzz: The show really did.)

19 | Is it almost impressive how Fox’s We Are Family takes a gimmick that should take maybe five minutes total and stretches it out to almost 15 minutes per mystery singer?

20 | As smart and elegant as FEUD: Capote vs. the Swans is, does there not come a point during almost every episode at which you regret RSVPing yes to the author’s endless pity party? And while watching James Baldwin explain bird relationships, did you Google “gay swans babies 80%,” too?

21 | What are the chances Only Murders in the Building Season 4 guest star Eva Longoria, whose role is being kept under wraps, is playing Mabel’s frequently mentioned but never-before-seen aunt?

22 | Now that Frasier has been renewed, is it safe to say that David Hyde Pierce will revisit his previous stance and agree to reprise Niles at least once?

Frasier Revival Recast Freddy Son
Frasier Revival Recast Freddy Son

23 | We all know The Traitors is going to hit us with tough cliffhangers now that it’s being released weekly, but how annoying and frustrating was the ending of the latest episode? But since we’re here: Who do you think MJ is going to banish, Phaedra or Peter?

24 | Should the twins playing Alice in Apple TV+’s Constellation play, like, Kata Mara’s daughter in something? ▼ Speaking of the tyke, if you took a drink each time she said, “Mummy,” how are you still alive??

25 | Did anyone else do a double take when Supernatural alum Rob Benedict turned up as the tech billionaire at the center of this week’s Law & Order murder case?

26 | Apropos of Jordana Spiro’s return to Law & Order: SVU just two seasons after she last appeared, does it irk or delight you that the procedural doesn’t worry about recycling actors in new roles whenever it pleases?

27 | Did you squirm more at Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Stabler taste-testing the drugs he found at the bottom of his bathroom garbage can [shudder] than you have any time anyone’s gotten shot over the course of the show? (We did!)

28 | Does anyone else get the sense that Young Sheldon is operating as two different shows early in its final season — what with Sheldon and Mary in Germany, and everyone else going on about their lives without them in Texas — to prime viewers for the prospective, presumably Sheldon-less Georgie-and-Mandy spinoff?

29 | Are you impressed by the clever way Ghosts found to have Jay interact with one of the ghosts (via Sas’ power)?

30 | On Farmer Wants a Wife, how sweet was it to hear Ty’s daughter weigh in on each of his prospects (and her personal favorite)?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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