Did Young Sheldon Just Confirm Series' Endgame With Morbid Joke About Dad? Plus, 'Difficult' Times Ahead for Missy

Let’s be honest: We all knew Young Sheldon‘s Missy was going to be A-OK after she took the keys to George’s truck and hightailed it out of Medford.

During Thursday’s episode, Missy and troubled teen prodigy Paige (recurring guest star Mckenna Grace) hit the open road, Thelma & Louise-style. They made it five hours East before a cop pulled them over just outside Baton Rouge, La., and alerted George, Mary and Linda to come pick them up.

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It was on the drive to retrieve their daughters that Paige’s mom offered her two cents on George and Mary’s marital woes. She encouraged them not to keep stuff bottled up inside. That’s what she and Barry did, and their marriage ended in divorce. But the Coopers, who’d like to think they’ve got a better handle on their marriage than Barry and Linda did, told Linda that their relationship would not end in divorce. That’s when this morbid exchange occurred — an exchange that may very well foreshadow how the Powers that Be intend to wrap the Big Bang Theory prequel:

Mary: We’re not getting divorced.
George: Yeah, over my dead body!
Mary: Yeah, that’s exactly how it’s going to end.

Dark, right? 🪦

Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 16 on CBS
Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 16 on CBS

As for Missy, running away kinda-sorta worked in her favor. Once they retrieved their daughter, George and Mary assured Missy that they’d be laser-focused on her from now on. Shortly thereafter, our narrator jumped in and warned that his twin sister running away from home would only be the start of her rebellious phase.

“This marked the beginning of what our family would come to call ‘Missy’s difficult period,'” Adult Sheldon said. “Despite my repeated assurances that I could solve the problem with a brain scan and some low-voltage electroshocks, I was never given the opportunity. Such a shame.”

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