Diddy sued for $1 trillion, blamed for 9/11

New York, Jan 29 (ANI): A woman from Los Angeles has reportedly filed a 1- trillion-dollar lawsuit against music mogul Diddy, claiming that he is responsible for the September 11 attacks. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks also accused Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter and police brutality victim Rodney King of somehow being responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center. After they "knocked down the WTC" she wrote, the three came and "knocked my children down." Turks also added that Diddy stole a poker chip worth "100 zillions of dollars" that she won in a Mississippi casino and later gave it away to someone else. She further claimed she once dated Diddy and that the 41-year-old rapper is the father of her 23-year-old son. She is petitioning for 900 billion dollars in child support. The other 100 billion dollars she is seeking is for "loss of income," reports the New York Post. A Los Angeles judge denied her request for a restraining order against Diddy, but set a hearing for Jan 31. (ANI)