Disenchantment Series Finale: Who Survived the Battle for Dreamland?

Deaths! Resurrections! Weddings! The dramatic reveal of a glamorous pig! If there’s even a single box that Disenchantment‘s series finale left unchecked, we’d be surprised to hear about it.

The last episode of Part 5, now streaming on Netflix, picks up in the heat of Bean’s final battle with her mother, the stripper-heeled Queen Dagmar. (“It almost makes me teary, this may be the last time I ever get to chase you down a cave below the castle!”) The battle takes a brief detour when Bean, Dagmar and Elfo accidentally trip on mushrooms, turning their fight-to-the-death into a “love pile.” All are welcome! Well, except Turbish.

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Dagmar stops hallucinating long enough to get the upper hand, at which point Oona arrives (never thought we’d be happy to see her!) and slices off the top of Dagmar’s head. Unfortunately, this only makes it easier for Dagmar to remove her own brain, thus turning herself immortal. (Trog rules. It’s a lot to explain. You either get it or you don’t. And we’re not even sure we do.) Bean is eventually able to impale Dagmar with a giant crystal while the cave collapses around her, but her victory is short-lived as her attention then turns to her mermaid girlfriend Mora. (R.I.P.)

Meanwhile, Luci spends about five minutes celebrating God’s death before discovering an entire supply closet full of heavenly replacement lightbulbs. As a reward for screwing one back on his body, God offers Luci a single wish… which he uses to bring Mora back from the dead! Because Bean loves Mora! And Luci loves Bean! Honestly, it’s a big moment for all parties involved.

Speaking of parties, the people of Dreamland throw an epic bash to commemorate their new era of peace, revealing where many fan-favorite characters end up in the process: a very tired Bean steps down as queen to enjoy her life with Mora; God gives Luci angel wings and (gasp!) a halo; Mop Girl (Miri?!) becomes the kingdom’s new ruler, with Elfo by her side as consort; Merkimer is named prime minister, then discovers that his beloved Miss Moonpence is also a pig (score!); Sorcerio and Odval tie the knot, as do Pops and Grogda; the Devil removes Bean, Mora and Elfo’s names out of his book; and Alva ends up exactly where he belongs — stranded on the moon with a bunch of mindless trogs.

And with that, we bid Dreamland adieu after five seasons of fairytale tomfoolery. Were you satisfied with Disenchantment‘s series finale? Part 5 as a whole? Vote in our polls below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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