Do Doug Ford's policies impact your opinion of Andrew Scheer?

One year after being elected, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his team have opted to take a five-month summer recess until the end of October. The legislature usually breaks after the first week of June, until the week after Labour Day.

Now the legislature will resume on Oct. 28, a few days after the Oct 21. election.

HuffPost Canada reports that NDP critics of the Ford government suggest the time off is so that Canadians see less of the premier.

Hiding Ford could help Conservative leader Andrew Scheer gain popularity for the federal election, as Ford’s declining popularity could negatively impact Scheer’s image, suggests NDP MPP Taras Natyshak.

The support hit for Ford’s Conservatives comes after a busy year of budget cuts to areas like health care and student loans.

CBC’s polling analyst Eric Grenier told CBC News that most polls have put the provincial Tories at a 30-35 per cent in support. But Grenier did say it’s not entirely unusual, as a similar phenomenon happened to former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty.

TORONTO, ON- Ontario Premier Doug Ford met with the leader of the Federal Official Opposition, Andrew Scheer at Queen's Park. (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The Toronto Star also conducted a poll that showed a majority of Canadians surveyed said they were “less likely” to vote for Scheer in the October election due to the actions of the Ford government.

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