Late TV doctor Michael Mosley saved woman's life

The doctor was remembered on BBC's The One Show

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 16: Dr Michael Mosley poses for a photo at the ICC Sydney on September 16, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. The Centenary Institute Oration is part of the 14th World Congress on Inflammation. (Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)
Dr Michael Mosley has died at the age of 67. (Getty Images)

Late TV doctor Michael Mosley once saved a woman's life after she collapsed in the office.

The moving story emerged during a special episode of The One Show paying tribute to Dr Mosley, who died on Wednesday (5 June) aged 67, the same day he was reported missing on the Greek island of Symi. He had vanished during a holiday with his wife after setting off on a walk from the beach, and his body was found in a rocky area at the weekend, with an initial post-mortem concluding he died of natural causes.

On Monday night (10 June), The One Show opened with a tribute to the doctor, who often featured on the BBC programme. Members of the public and fellow doctors shared their memories, with one telling how Dr Mosley once saved someone's life.

Dr Hannah Fry, who worked with the star on TV shows, told how modest he was. "There was this rumour going around, that once Michael had saved somebody's life in the office," she said.

The One Show remembered late TV doctor Michael Mosley. (BBC screengrab)
The One Show remembered late TV doctor Michael Mosley. (BBC screengrab)

"I went and approached him about it and was like, 'Tell me, is this true?' And he was very, he sort of brushed it off.

"But it was completely true. Somebody collapsed in the BBC offices, in the corridors. He saw them collapse, he went over. He performed CPR on them for almost half an hour until the emergency services arrived.

"Saved her life. She has gone on to have two children - this extraordinary thing. And, you know, if that was me I think I would be introducing myself... The first thing I'd say would be like, 'Did you know I saved somebody's life?' But for Michael it was just, you know, part of it."

Dr Michael Mosley with his wife Clare Bailey in 2013 (Alamy/PA)
Dr Michael Mosley with his wife Clare Bailey in 2013. (Alamy/PA)

Host Alex Jones said Dr Mosley's death had been an "absolute shock" as she remembered what it was like to work with him on The One Show, which the doctor had been a part of since 2007.

"It's still very hard to grasp what has happened," the presenter admitted. "I think everybody feels that don't they?" She added that it has been "an absolute shock".

Sharing her own memories, Jones revealed how comfortable the doctor - who popularised the 5:2 diet - had made her on the BBC show. "A super generous man," she said. "Even when I would come on here, in my early days, I was a bit shy then. You always felt in such safe hands, and so generous with tips and tricks as well," she said.