Doctor Who's Tom Baker shares advice for Ncuti Gatwa

doctor who tom baker as fourth doctor
Dr Who's Tom Baker shares advice for Ncuti GatwaAnwar Hussein/Hulton Archive - Getty Images

Former Doctor Who star Tom Baker has shared some advice for Ncuti Gatwa over joining the show.

The legendary actor played the Fourth Doctor between 1974 and 1981 when the show was at one of its peaks of popularity — and, thus, certainly has some wisdom for the next actor to take on The Doctor.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Baker had some kind words for Gatwa when he was shown a picture of the actor.

"A handsome young man! Marvellous cheekbones. These things are important as you get near to death," Baker said with his trademark wit.

doctor who tom baker as fourth doctor
Anwar Hussein/Hulton Archive - Getty Images

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Baker also had some intriguing advice for Gatwa about taking over as one of the most beloved characters in Brish television history.

"Knowing anything is a bit dangerous when you play Doctor Who. It's better to know nothing," he explained. "And to be good-natured. The trick is to respond generously to other actors, which halves your task because you don't have to be driving it all the time."

Gatwa has received lots of support from throughout the Doctor Who community since his casting was announced, with the actor crediting their backing with giving him "the strength" needed for the role.

millie gibson and ncuti gatwa in doctor who
James Pardon - BBC

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He has also recently revealed that his Fifteenth Doctor will somehow share a scene with the very First Doctor — played by the late William Hartnell — in an upcoming episode.

"We end up in the same scene together at some point," Gatwa told The Mirror.

"To see that history – now a Black man as the Doctor! It was just very wild."

Doctor Who returns for three 60th anniversary specials, beginning with 'The Star Beast' on November 25. The show airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere.

Classic episodes of Doctor Who are now made available via BBC iPlayer in the UK as well.

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