What does The Donald taste like? Restaurant debuts new president-inspired cocktail

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What does The Donald taste like? Restaurant debuts new president-inspired cocktail

Your appetite may not agree with everything Donald Trump has to say, but maybe a new cocktail inspired by the American president will help wash it all down.

The Donald is a pale pink drink that's topped with a sour candy in the shape of a dollar sign — or a particular signature hair-do — available at Madison's Restaurant in Steady Brook, on Newfoundland's west coast.

After experimenting with different ingredients, chef Nathan Hornidge and his team made a drink which they think captures Trump's personality.

"It turned out to be kinda playful for us where we could compose a cocktail with all these ingredients that we didn't necessarily like, come up with something that was sweet and delicious and kinda funny," Hornidge said. 

Post-election sorrow 

The restaurant is nestled at the base of Marble Mountain, in the Marble Inn.

Hornidge first got the idea for the cocktail shortly after Trump was elected to the White House.

That just happened to be the same time the restaurant was looking for some fresh ideas to add to their menu for the upcoming ski season.

"Get everybody to laugh about it, instead of trying to figure out what was going to go on in the world," said Hornidge, who was hoping to make light of the change of guard for our neighbours south of the border.

The staff experimented with different combinations of flavours and alcohol to come up The Donald, and settled for a slightly sour, bit of sweet combination.

Conversation piece

Originally, Hornidge and crew thought about making it a bitter, awful drink, but decided to balance the flavour to make it a mysterious blend.

"It's layered. There's a lot of layers in there," said Hornidge.

The chef said he's pleased with the cocktail and it's getting people talking — and drinking cocktails.

"Everybody's got an opinion, but they weren't negative opinions it was all about the drink … there was no politics involved in it which was pretty cool."

Make your own The Donald:

- A 12 oz. Collins glass filled 3/4's with ice.

- 1 oz. of Grey Goose

- 1/2 oz. peach schnapps

- 1 oz. raspberry Sour Puss

- 1/4 oz. Campari

- Fill club soda to the rim

One sour candy strip folded into a dollar sign on a skewer for garnish.