Dog named Legend overcame ‘rough past’ in Georgia. Now the ‘true gem’ has a home

After going through several hardships, a “magnificent” dog found a new home, according to a Georgia animal shelter.

Legend, a 6-year-old dog believed to be a German shepherd, experienced a few health problems in her “rough past,” according to a Feb. 28 Facebook post from the Humane Society of Camden County in Kingsland. Now, the shelter announced the “true gem” was adopted.

If you’re searching for a furry companion who will shower you with affection and melt your heart with her charming personality, Legend is the perfect match for you!” the shelter wrote before her adoption.

Under a previous person’s ownership, Legend had an injury in her left eye, which made it “a painfully swollen eye with no vision,” the shelter said. Because her owner never got her medical treatment, Legend’s eye had to be removed.

Along with her left eye, Legend lost a lot of her fur due to her allergies to fleas, which caused a skin infection, according to the shelter. She’s been in recovery since coming to the shelter, and most of her fur has grown back “full and beautiful,” the organization said.

Despite these challenges with her health, the shelter said Legend has “adjusted” to life with one eye and has maintained a “heart full of love and loyalty.”

Some of the “magnificent” dog’s best qualities include her “unwavering loyalty” and “extraordinary friendliness,” the shelter said. She is committed to whoever her companion is, staying right by their side no matter what, according to the shelter.

“Whether you’re going for a hike in the woods or simply taking a stroll around the neighborhood, you can trust that Legend will be there with you, her loyalty never wavering,” the shelter said.

Legend also gets along great with other dogs, leading the shelter to call her a “social butterfly.” Her friendliness helps her thrive in an environment where she’s around others, making her a good fit for a family, according to the shelter.

She’s also an active dog, so the shelter recommended she go to a home with a big backyard.

Legend is looking for a forever home where she will be showered with love, care, and attention,” the shelter said in its post.

She was adopted Feb. 28 by a couple, a photo from the shelter shows.

Kingsland is about 35 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida.

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