Dog and owner tumble 175 feet down ravine while on walk in New York. See the rescue

A dog needed rescued after he and his owner tumbled more than 175 feet down a ravine in New York, firefighters said.

The pair were taking an afternoon walk Nov. 26 alongside a ravine in Ovid when the dog slipped. The owner tried to grab the dog, then they both fell down the ravine, according to a news release from the Ovid Fire Department.

The Seneca County Rope Rescue Team was called in to help alongside the fire department, as the dog couldn’t climb out of the ravine due to his size and age, rescuers said.

A spokesperson for the fire department told McClatchy News that officials estimated the ravine was 100 feet deep to the bottom where they were rescued.

The dog and his owner walked to a more open area of the ravine to make the rescue easier. Other family members went down into the ravine and back out before rescuers arrived, according to the release.

A video shows firefighters rappelling down the ravine with a rescue basket and getting the dog settled in. They climbed back up and delivered the dog to family members.

A man and a woman standing at the bottom of the ravine climbed out with ropes assisting them.

The owner was uninjured, and the dog sustained minor injuries, rescuers said.

By 4:30 p.m., less than two hours after the fall, family and pets were reunited, and rescuers returned to service, Ovid officials said.

Family members thanked the fire department on Facebook and said the dog was sore but doing OK.

Ovid is a village in western New York state about 200 miles west of Albany.

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