Dog vanished five years ago — until ‘absolute miracle’ just reunited him with family

Months of searching left an Ohio family distraught in 2019 after their 6-year-old dog Will went missing.

Five years later, an “absolute miracle” happened.

The Clermont County Animal Shelter received a message with Will’s original missing poster and a photo of a stray dog named Rome at a shelter. The messenger hoped the golden retriever-husky mix up for adoption was actually Will.

Will was scheduled to be at an adoption event on Feb. 17, according to the shelter. Staff members quickly contacted the family hoping they could come to the adoption event to reunite with their long-lost pet.

“Tears of joy flowed as (his owner) Hannah rushed to the location where Rome was and as she rounded the corner, there he was—her faithful companion, Will!” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

The shelter said the reunion was “nothing short of magical.”

“The heartwarming story of Hannah and Will’s reunion serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that social media can have in bringing communities together, especially in times of need,” the shelter said.

Clermont County is about 25 miles east of Cincinnati.

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