Donald Trump heads to Twitter following James Comey's town hall

In a CNN town hall Thursday night with Anderson Cooper, former FBI director James Comey laughed at Donald Trump’s late rant about his relationship with his predecessor, Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Speaking to the press earlier in the day, Trump built upon earlier accusations about Comey and Mueller.

In the press conference, Trump claimed Mueller is, “…in love with James Comey. He likes James Comey. They were very good friends, supposedly best friends. Maybe not, but supposedly best friends. You look at the picture file and you see hundreds of pictures of him and Comey.”

When Cooper asked about this, Comey just laughed and said, “I respect him. I don’t think we have that kind of relationship.” Then, in an obvious jab at Trump, Comey added, “He’s certainly not obsessed with me in the way some others seem to be.”

Trump didn’t take being mocked and otherwise derided throughout the town hall laying down. Shortly after it ended, he posted a tweet calling Comey a disgrace to the FBI, and the worst director in its history. And while Trump obviously has no problem expressing his feelings, it sounds as though Comey and Mueller may need to work on their communication.

When asked about Mueller’s decision not to come to a conclusion about obstruction of justice, Comey responded, “I haven’t talked to him, but reading his report…” “But he loves you,” Cooper interjected. “I keep forgetting that,” Comey said with a laugh. “I can’t wait to see all the pictures of us hugging and kissing.”