Donald Trump says Kanye West asked him for advice about his 'difficulties' over dinner at Mar-a-Lago

Kanye West, in a red MAGA hat, hugs DOnald Trump in the Oval Office.
Kanye West meets Donald Trump in the Oval Office in October 2018.Ron Sachs/Getty Images
  • Donald Trump says Kayne West sought advice on business issues on a visit to Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday.

  • The rapper showed up "unexpectedly" with three friends for dinner at his Florida residence.

  • Trump said he also told West not to run for president in 2024.

Donald Trump said Kanye West asked for his advice on business issues when they had dinner at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday.

The former president posted on Truth Social Friday that the rapper, also known as Ye, called him to have dinner with him at his Florida residence. Trump said he was surprised to see the rapper "unexpectedly showing up with three of his friends."


In another post on Friday, Trump said that West asked him "for advice concerning some of his difficulties, in particular having to do with his business."

West came under fire following antisemitic comments he made in interviews and on social media, including a tweet in October before he was suspended from Twitter as well as Instagram. However, Elon Musk has now reinstated West's Twitter account.

Brands who were doing business with the rapper distanced themselves and cut ties with West following his comments. Adidas ended its Yeezy partnership and is now taking legal action against him.

"We also discussed, to a lesser extent, politics, where I told him he should definitely not run for President, 'any voters you may have should vote for TRUMP'," the former president wrote, adding that West "expressed no anti-Semitism."

West said Trump reacted negatively when he announced his plan to make a White House run. "When Trump started basically screaming at me at the table telling me I was going to lose, I mean has that ever worked for anyone in history?" the rapper said in a video he tweeted on Thursday night.

The rapper dubbed the video a "Mar-a-Lago debrief."

Representatives for West and Trump didn't immediately respond to a request for comment by Insider.

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