Donald Trump Shares Absolutely Vile Video Of Heckler Confronting Joe Scarborough

Donald Trump on Sunday shared a video of a man obscenely shouting at MSNBC host Joe Scarborough at the airport.

The former president and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee ― who has a longstanding beef with Scarborough’s constantcriticism of him on “Morning Joe” ― reposted a video of the encounter on Truth Social.

“I can’t wait for Uncle Donnie to win,” the heckler says. “I can’t wait. He’ll get rid of all you fucking liberals.”

“He’s your uncle?” Scarborough replies, taking a quick break from a phone call.

“You liberals are gone when he fucking wins,” the man continues. “You fucking blowjob liberals are done. Uncle Donnie’s gonna take this election landslide, cuz. Landslide, you fucking half a blowjob. Landslide. Get the fuck out of here, you scumbag.”

Scarborough and Trump reportedly were once friends until Scarborough stepped up his disapproval of him during the 2016 campaign.

The former president has even falsely suggested that Scarborough may have murdered an intern who died in his office when he was a Republican Florida congressman in 2001. The woman died from a heart condition and hit her head on a desk as she collapsed, authorities determined.