Donald Trump's Cognitive Goof Gets A Musical Spoof — And It's Viciously Catchy

The “Late Show” prescribed parody to taunt Donald Trump for misnaming his former doctor on Monday. (Watch the video below.)

To the tune of The Ting Tings’ catchy classic “That’s Not My Name,” the show highlighted many of the former president’s verbal blunders.

But first the parody focused on Trump repeatedly calling his ex-White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson “Ronny Johnson” on Saturday.

“That’s not his name. That’s not his name. That’s a bad brain,” the song goes.

The spoof later tweaks Trump’s accusations, pushed by many conservatives, that President Joe Biden is not his equal in mental fitness.

“He says that Joe’s flawed, then made this faux pas. It’s not the first time he’s botched a name,” the song continues.

That leads into Trump stumbling over Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu and other names and words to the chorus of “that’s not his name” and “that’s not a word.”

It’s a win-win for critics of the former president: Trump gets mocked and a snappy piece of pop history gets another moment.