Driver Arrested After Crashing Into Downing Street Gate

A man was arrested by police in London after he drove into a gate at the UK Prime Minister’s residence on May 25, Metropolitan Police Service Westminster said.

Video filmed by BigSy of BoxCleverArmy from street level shows the vehicle, with airbags deployed, at the gates of Downing Street as responding police officers arrest a man.

Police said, “At around 16:20hrs a car collided with the gates of Downing Street on Whitehall. Armed officers arrested a man at the scene on suspicion of criminal damage and dangerous driving. There are no reports of any injuries. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Officials later added that the incident “isn’t currently being treated as terror-related.” Credit: BigSy of BoxCleverArmy via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Some guys just rammed the gates of [MUTED] Downing Street to throw up in his car. Rammed the gates, yeah. Roar, ram the [MUTED] gates. Look at this guy, man. All the kids are on their way around this--


- Oh shit. That car might have a bomb in it. You never know. You know what I mean? That guy just rammed the gates, mate.


- Everyone back! Everybody move back!


- [INAUDIBLE] tosser. You [INAUDIBLE].

- Get out of the area now!

- Move back! Move back! Move back.

- We're trying. We're trying. We're trying. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Keep going. Move.

- We're going. We're going.

- Move away. Move away.

- Go, go, go, go, go.

- [INAUDIBLE] go, mate. It's all going off at Downing Street. It's all going off at Downing Street.

- [INAUDIBLE]. Get back!

- It's so extraordinary. They do it. Like, you know, they can't wait for that reaction.

- Did you get any [INAUDIBLE] front?

- Huh?

- [INAUDIBLE] gates. He made an impact. So what?


- Downing Street. Protest [INAUDIBLE]. You've got music blasting today. I'm [INAUDIBLE].

- Why's that necessary, though?

- I've got to go [MUTED]. Oh!

- Why would that guy be like that? That's like he knocked the 81-year-old woman over.

- [INAUDIBLE] whoa, you're not welcome in this way. You're not welcome in this way.


- We need more [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, just rammed the gates on Downing Street. [INAUDIBLE] guy with gray hair, yeah?

We've got him there. We're trying to evacuate the area. They're pushing us through side of the street.

It's all [INAUDIBLE] armed police and-- yeah, yeah, loads of them. Loads of them. Loads of them. [INAUDIBLE]. Armed police [INAUDIBLE] here.

[INAUDIBLE] gates of Downing Street. Someone just rammed it. [INAUDIBLE] a shadow [INAUDIBLE] remember that with a big machine gun.

It's all going off. It's all going off. Oh, come on, man. We got to be better than that. Needs to be at least a JCB or a truck or something.

[INAUDIBLE] HGV. What about you, Tyson Fury? When are you coming down [INAUDIBLE]?

Be back to [INAUDIBLE]. I would turn this into a beach or, you know? [INAUDIBLE] that has improved our platform here, our stage [INAUDIBLE] protest [INAUDIBLE] Scotland Yard's in the MOD, [INAUDIBLE] a war.

When you get down there and your [INAUDIBLE] there'd be pillows. Shot out of my window. Donald Trump's guy-- you have MyPillow.

Drop off 10,000 pillows there on the side. Throwing pillows at police, and we'll join in if we got [INAUDIBLE] pillows. I'll get a smack [INAUDIBLE] pillow.

You know what I mean? [INAUDIBLE] cordoned it off, and now we're getting the red tape out and everything there. This is an exclusive from 10 Downing Street.


- Blocking the road off up there. They got the tape up here. Got low [INAUDIBLE] police there.

- Whoever [INAUDIBLE].

- Terrorism called in.

- Terrorism called in. We're going to block it off. Apparently [INAUDIBLE].

- Guys, this is all [INAUDIBLE], so can we move out, please?

- [INAUDIBLE] move all the way down. All the way back down [INAUDIBLE], please.

- [INAUDIBLE] can we stay in there? I'll stay in there.


- [INAUDIBLE] stay in there. Hey, we'll die with you. If you got blown up, we'll get blown up. Don't worry about it, yeah?

- [INAUDIBLE] move out.



- This is all about to be cordoned.

- So we got to move out here, then.

- Well, they're trying to tell us to. They're trying to tell us to.

- Turn around. [INAUDIBLE] that way.


- Yeah, we'll die with you.


- If it's a bomb, we'll go with you. If it's a bomb, we'll go with you, mate. Don't worry about it.

We'll stand by you, mate. We're good, man. We're good.

We're good, man. We're right [INAUDIBLE]. We're right. Don't worry about us here, mate. Don't worry about us none.