Drivers Ignore Roadblock Signs For Sinkhole And It Does Not End Well

Ignore roadblock signs at your peril!

Even though drivers are warned well in advance of a 15-foot-wide chasm that opened up near Tracy in San Joaquin County, California, last month, two have still tried their luck at crossing the gap ― with spectacularly abysmal results.

California Highway Patrol has shared on Facebook two sets of images of the vehicles that have ended up trapped in the hole.

“THIS CAN’T BE REAL!” police captioned the first set of pictures last week:

“It happened again. We can’t make this stuff up,” they wrote on Saturday about a second car. “This was 100 percent preventable. There is no excuse. The signs are clear, visible, and unobstructed.”

“The driver was issued a citation. If you pass a road closure you are also subject to a citation,” it added. “If you come across a road closure, turn around, and find a different route.”

Commenters on the latest post suggested leaving the vehicle inside the hole as a way to repair the road. “Eventually they’ll fill the hole and we can move on,” cracked one. Another suggested setting up a motion sensor trail camera to catch the offending motorists in action.