Dwayne Johnson Finally Gifts First ‘Red One’ Trailer | Video

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. That’s because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Amazon MGM Studios finally dropped the first trailer for their hotly anticipated holiday movie, “Red One.”

“Enjoy our new trailer for ‘Red One,'” the actor wrote Tuesday morning on X. “Christmas lores. Christmas legends. Christmas you’ve never experienced before.”

The official preview gives viewers a taste of what the action-packed holiday comedy has in store. The trailer begins with Johnson’s character Callum Drift guiding St. Nick through some strength training in preparation for the big Christmas day. However, after Drift lets Mr. Claus slip through his fingers, Santa ends up getting kidnapped.

“Last night, Red One, also known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, was abducted from the North Pole Complex,” the trailer reveals. Johnson must then employ the help Chris Evans’ character, Jack O’ Malley, the “best tracker in the world,” to assist him on his search for “Red One.”

“There’s worse ways to go out than trying to save Santa Claus,” O’Malley jokes before the trailer concludes.

The new trailer comes two months after TheWrap reported some production issues with the film — most notably, Johnson’s tardiness and “lack of professionalism” on set.

Insiders informed TheWrap that Johnson would sometimes show up eight hours late to set. This behavior seemed out of the ordinary for the actor, who had otherwise been known for being professional and punctual in the past. In combination with Johnson and separate obstacles, the film ended up costing over $250 million.

“After a shocking abduction from the North Pole, the Commander of the E.L.F. Task Force must partner with the world’s most infamous bounty hunter to save Christmas,” the official logline reads.

The movie also stars J.K. Simmons, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Liu, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Nick Kroll, Kristofer Hivju and Bonnie Hunt.

“Red One” hits theaters Nov. 15.

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