The Eagles have landed with a new documentary

The Eagles landed in London older and more mellow than at the height of their fame. The band are rock ‘n’ roll survivors from the coke fueled stars of the 70’s to the elder statesmen of today. They are in the UK to promote the rockumentary ‘The History of the Eagles Part One and Part Two’ Singer and drummer Don Henley has no regrets: “Well I think we’re all proud of the work we did, and that’s what it really shows me is that we worked hard. We played hard certainly, but we worked hard as well. That’s the way we got where we did. We all have a good work ethic. We come from blue collar working class families and we learned how to get the job done.” The band hopes the film will provide an education for those just starting out in the business. Don Henley continues: “I hope it’s a good tutorial for them.Nowadays you have all these TV shows where you become an instant star and I don’t know if that’s a good thing… briefly for a minute. Five minutes has turned into five seconds now.” The DVD of the film is out and features rare concert footage.