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Why not have some fun?

According to ALG, the average transaction price for a brand-new car in 2019 was $35,932. If you ask Kelley Blue Book, the figure was even higher at $38,948 (KBB apparently doesn't include applied consumer incentives). That's a lot of money. You could go out and buy something fresh off a dealer lot — and, if you ask at least one of our editors, you'd probably be making a sound decision that your future self and sanity would thank you for — or you could have a little fun.

We scoured eBay and found a handful of cool cars that can be bought for the average cost of a new car in America. As you'd probably expect, not all of our choices are practical. In fact, most of 'em aren't. But they are all most definitely interesting and unique. Click on the image up above to get started.

eBay finds for the cost of an average new car in America

The average new car in America costs more than $35,000. Here are some fun and interesting options for someone who is looking for something different.