Edmonton police charge man in women's rally incident

Edmonton police charge man in women's rally incident

Edmonton police have charged a man with assault and uttering threats in relation to an incident at the women's march on Saturday at the Alberta legislature.

The incident involved right-wing Rebel Media staff member Sheila Gunn Reid, who was covering the rally and taking video of the crowd.

On the video, which the Rebel later posted to its website, she's heard asking a man to comment about counter-protesters at the rally.

An argument ensued, and the man is seen in front of the camera. At a certain point, the camera shakes.

Gunn Reid can be seen and heard on camera yelling to onlookers that the man hit her.

The incident triggered a flurry of social media attention.

Rebel founder Ezra Levant wrote an editorial online with the headline "Find the Thug" and offered a $1,000 bounty for information to help find the man.

On Tuesday, Edmonton police said Dion Bews, 34, has been charged with assault and uttering threats.

Supporters of Bews, Tiana Barnes and Ezra James, say they were at the rally and witnessed what happened.

"There's an innocent guy who's being hunted down for something he didn't do," they said in a post on Facebook, attached to a video statement.

They argue the man did not hit Gunn Reid, but that he hit the camera off the tripod.