Who is Eiffel Tower on The Masked Singer? All the clues and hints so far

Get your thinking caps on, The Masked Singer UK is back for another night.

The ITV show made its return on 30 December, with judges/super sleuths Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross tasked with guessing which stars are hidden behind the show’s elaborate costumes.

Whoever triumphs in the season final will join previous winners including Charlie Simpson, Joss Stone, Natalie Imbruglia and Nicola Roberts.

One of the characters competing this year is the intriguing Eiffel Tower, named after the iconic Paris landmark.

Wandering the streets of London, snapped outside Big Ben and The Old Vic theatre, as well as Primrose Hill and Shakespeare’s Globe, on their first appearance Eiffel said their diary was “full to the brim”.

Eiffel was then seen reading a newspaper where the frontpage said: “TJ & The S inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

They received a text from “Mr Big” saying they’d arrived in the city, announcing: “Next stop, the stage!” The date 2007 was at the bottom.

Eiffel’s song was “Voulez Vous” by ABBA.

Eiffel Tower on The Masked Singer (ITV)
Eiffel Tower on The Masked Singer (ITV)

Ross guessed that Eiffel was Geri Horner, who cameoed in an episode of Sex and the City, while Ora thought it was SATC star herself, Kim Cattrall.

McCall also went with a Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker. Gilligan went with a curveball and guessed West End star Sheridan Smith.

Eiffel’s riddle was: “Ooh la la, ooh la la, mon chant etait tres bon. It may not have been Monty, but was defo Python.”

“Some spicy guesses there,” Eiffel later said of the judge’s efforts. “They could be Geri close to working out who I am.”

During week three (20 January) Eiffel Tower performed Robbie Williams’ “Angels” and dropped clues including bubblegum, shopping and fashion links to wrestler Hulk Hogan. They said if it wasn’t for shopping they wouldn’t be in the limelight.

The panel, this time joined by comedian Jennifer Saunders, shared guesses including Hannah Waddingham and Kim Cattrall.

The judges guessed that Eiffel Tower could be Kim Cattrall (HBO)
The judges guessed that Eiffel Tower could be Kim Cattrall (HBO)

Gilligan said that Eiffel’s voice sounds like Gabrielle’s, who has been on the show before, while McCall guessed Sarah Jessica Parker for the second week in a row.

In week three’s clues, Eiffel said: “Don’t tell on me but I’m bunking off school again,” and: “I overslept this morning and had to race to school.”

“I'm a huge fan of the show, it was a blast.”

In the most recent episodes, we’ve seen clues including a picnic basket with the word “Bushtucker”, possibly meaning Eiffel Tower took part in I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Her week five clues featured a teddy bear with a Mart Wallyberg T-shirt on, an approval letter for £4m, and a sick note that said: “Wasn’t myself on Freaky Friday. Gone home to restless.”

“Oh, I love sightseeing. I'm not just here for the sights of the West End,” she said. “Non. London is so fashionable, with superb shopping.”

She added: “Honestly, cross my iron girders. If it wasn't for shopping, I wouldn't be in the limelight. And tonight, let's just say I'm glad this tower is made of metal because this is one tough competition.”

A congratulations card that reads: “Congratulations! Twins! Can't wait to meet Dan & Eln.”

Eiffel Tower on The Masked Singer (ITV)
Eiffel Tower on The Masked Singer (ITV)

“I might be made of steel, but I'm still human,” Eiffel Tower said. “There's been thrillers, oui, but also disasters. But working with Winona, Ellen and Jude, and some kids that were new to the scene. Wow-ee!”

She continued: “And I haven't forgotten when I knocked a towering Great British icon off the top step. Time to climb down myself and get back on the stage for the performance of my life.”

Bubble Tea became the fourth contestant to be unmasked and exit the series, and was revealed as actor Julia Sawalha, who played Saunders’ on-screen daughter in Absolutely Fabulous.

She follows in the footsteps of Rat, who was unveiled as Strictly Come Dancing star Shirley Ballas, Chicken Caesar, who was unmasked as presenter and actor Alexander Armstrong and Weather, who was revealed to be legendary soul singer Dionne Warwick.

McCall, who made Masked Singer history last year with the most amount of correct guesses, said she doesn’t have any secret techniques or knowledge that helps her one-up her fellow judges.

“I might be a one hit wonder!” she said. “I don’t like it when I know 100 per cent who it is. It actually takes the fun out of it for me. It’s much more enjoyable when you think, “do you know what? I think it’s this person, but I’m probably wrong.”

The Masked Singer airs on ITV on Saturday nights.