This New Electric RIB Cruised for 40 Miles Without Emissions During Its Sea Trials

The electric revolution is picking up pace in the Adriatic Sea.

A groundbreaking emissions-free RIB built by German start-up eD-TEC just completed sea trials off the coast of Croatia. Christened eD-Enterprise, the inaugural 32 c-Ultra demonstrated was “nothing short of impressive” during the first testing phase, according to the eD-TEC team.

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Completed in just nine months, the 31-foot carbon monohull sports an innovative electric propulsion system that enables fast and furious cruising with zero noise and zero emissions. Two fully integrated eD-QDrive motors send up to 400 kW of power to the surface-piercing propellers, while the 105 kWh battery bank provides the juice. During the trials, eD-Enterprise covered nearly 40 nautical miles at low speed. The current cruising speed sits around 25 knots, but eD-TEC founder Michael Jost is confident it can be increased to 30 knots following further optimization.

eD-TEC eD 32 c-Ultra electric RIB eD-Enterprise
The RIB on sea trials off the coast of Croatia.

“Preliminary estimates indicate a range of 20 to 40 nautical miles and a current cruising speed of 25 knots,” Jost said in a statement. “However, these figures are subject to variation based on driving behavior and velocity.” He adds that the team has not yet conducted tests to determine the maximum speed and range.

The team is expected to make several adjustments to enhance performance, such as optimizing air intake to the propellers by modifying the swim platform and increasing the distance between it and the waterline. Jost says the team may incorporate air intakes akin to those on supercars to improve functionality and aesthetics. The designers have also developed an adaptive steering system similar to those used in the automotive industry to streamline cornering at high speed.

eD-TEC eD 32 c-Ultra electric RIB eD-Enterprise
The high-voltage enclosure.

The trials also allowed eD-TEC to test the charging system and the Technology stack. Jost adds that the next step will be to add foils to the boat to see if they improve efficiency and ride. The team will begin the second testing phase in May. “We thought we could reach more with our first proper sea trials, but at the same time we see a lot of clear fields of improvement,” Jost adds. “Having said that, the boat is really nice and has already proven itself—and we have had a lot of interest in the marina out of which we are testing.”

The RIB is just the beginning of eD-TEC’s grand plans. The industry newcomer is reportedly working on an entire e-mobility and grid-free solution. “This focuses on solar-centric solutions that combine off-grid luxury shoreside living with our eD-32 c-Ultra on hand at the end of your private pier for on-water escapes.”

Electric revolution, indeed.

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