Elephant mother rescue baby from mud wallow

This heartwarming video shows the incredible efforts of an elephant mother desperately attempting to rescue her calf struggling to get out of a mud wallow. Not only are elephants the largest land mammals on this planet, they are also some of the most intelligent and fascinating mammals found in the animal kingdom. This video shows one of the many incredible moments of interaction that can exist among elephants who have a strong family bond. While leading a safari in the Kruger National Park, we came across a herd of elephants, enjoying a brief stop at a large mud wallow. It was hot and the elephants needed to cool themselves down by getting into the rather deep wallow and splash themselves with mud. When majority of the elephant herd got out the wallow and was ready to move on, my eye caught one baby elephant that was having a hard time getting out of the wallow. The mud wallow was just too deep for the little one to get out and it was a huge struggle. With the elephant herd moving on, the elephant mother and a younger sister became extremely concerned by the male baby elephant’s inability to get out of the wallow. The mother elephant immediately rushed to the rescue and by using her trunk, she made many unsuccessful attempts at first to get her baby out the deep and slippery wallow. It was quite intense watching the efforts of the mother elephant and everyone on the safari was very worried that the baby would not be able to get out. The incredible efforts of the elephant mother had us in awe. At one stage it looked like grabbing her calf by the tail became the best option. There were trumpeting, screaming and rumbling noises coming from the elephants, clearly signaling that they were in distress. Finally, to everybody’s relief, the mother elephant managed to get a good grip on her baby with her trunk and hoisted her calf to safety. Everybody on the safari felt a great sense of relief and applauded the heroic efforts of the mother. What an astonishing moment out in the African wild.