Elephants charge 'Naked and Afraid' cast and crew, forcing rangers to step in to protect them

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On Sunday’s Naked and Afraid, contestants Nicole and Diogo had a lot more than a language barrier to overcome. While Nicole is from Virginia, Diogo is from Brazil and primarily speaks Portuguese. Since Nicole does not know Portuguese, the 21-day challenge in South Africa took on an entirely new challenge, particularly when an angry herd of elephants showed up.

About halfway into the challenge, Nicole woke to the trumpeting of an elephant herd crossing the river. Things quickly turned serious when the herd marched straight through the survivalist’s camp. The elephants were not happy to see the humans and things got so dangerous that armed rangers had to step in and protect the cast and crew.

The rangers not only had to protect everyone in production, they also had to protect themselves. Two rangers found themselves in a scary situation with one angry elephant. The elephant charged at them, destroying the tree they were hiding behind.

“An elephant just passed right by us,” Nicole said. “[They] are, like, really close.”

“He passed by running through the bushes and you can’t hear any noise, Diogo said. “It’s scary.”

While some fans were worried for the survivalists, most were just shocked. One viewer tweeted, “Holy s*** that elephant just charged the contestants and camera crew!” While another wrote, “Well damn, that’s gotta be the closest possible pachyderm encounter I’ve seen on the show.”

Despite the scary encounter, the two contestants managed to make it the full 21 days and complete the challenge.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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