Emily Ratajkowski reveals her paparazzi policy

Emily Ratajkowski has given up trying to “control” when she is snapped by paparazzi.

The model, actress and author, 32, has been photographed since she split from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, 36, kissing a string of famous faces including Harry Styles, but says she has refused to act like other celebrities who use backdoor entrances to escape the lenses of photographers.

She told Glamour UK magazine: “I could do the very crazy, high-profile thing of going through the back door, blah, blah, blah. And I haven’t done that.

“And there’s been a few moments over the past year, even in the last six months, where I’ve been like ‘OK, well, I can’t keep having this experience,’ so I want to hide… and I’ve done that successfully, but then it’s like the one time I’m out on the street, it’s a photo.

“So, I think I’ve just given up on trying to control it, for better or for worse.

“So, basically I have sort of accepted that there’s only so much I can do to keep my private life private.

“And I want to enjoy my life, and if that means that everyone has an opinion on what I’m doing, then so be it.”

Since she filed for divorce from her two-year-old son Sylvester’s dad – her husband of four years, film producer Sebastian, who is rumoured to have cheated on her and is also currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct by multiple women, in September 2022 – Emily has been in the spotlight for dating a series of stars.

She has dated comic Pete Davidson, 30, been pictured by paparazzi kissing Harry Styles, 29, in a car park in Tokyo and most recently, snogging French actor and comedian Stéphane Bak, 27, in Paris.

The mum-of-one also told Glamour how she is convinced life is steeped in women-hating behaviour.

She added: “I think that unfortunately, misogyny permeates every interaction all women have, even within yourself, and particularly women who’ve built their careers and their successes off of their image or the way they look; they face a particular kind of aggression.

“Hopefully, people will have seen the Barbie movie and know what I’m speaking about, but I think that is something I’ve definitely had.”