Emmerdale reveals a change in Tom King's story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Tom King reaches a potential breakthrough with his uncle Jimmy next week.

The pair make a genuine pledge to start afresh following weeks of tension and awkward moments between them.

Tom returned to the village last month following a 10-year absence. He was pleased to see his old flame Belle Dingle, but his reunion with his family members in the village has been far more problematic.

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Although Jimmy and his wife Nicola have tried their best to welcome Tom back to the village, they've struggled with his sensitivities when it comes to his late father Carl.

So far, any mention of Carl in conversation has led to Tom heading for the nearest exit, unable to cope with the painful reminders of his dad's dark past.

However, next week's episodes see Jimmy and Tom agree to a fresh start without the shadow of Carl hanging over them.

This appears to be another positive change for Tom, especially now that he has a job in the village. Will it work out as the Kings hope?

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Meanwhile, there's also positive news for Tom's relationship as he and Belle get even closer.

Belle decides that it's time to open up about her struggles with her mental health. Tom is unfazed by the revelation and proves his commitment by kissing her.

Belle couldn't be happier as the strength of their relationship is clearer than ever.

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James Chase, who plays Tom, recently opened up about his character's initial awkwardness around his family in the village.

He said: "Tom wasn't in contact with Jimmy at all during his time away. Jimmy and Nicola were there for him when he was going through his hard time all those years ago.

"But through all the confusion and rage he was feeling at that time, Tom has combined Jimmy into that world.

"I think that's why Tom never communicated with Jimmy, even through FaceTime or text. He didn't want to bring up his past, but unfortunately his uncle is now connected to that."

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