Emmerdale to revisit Belle and Gemma death story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale revisits a storyline from 2014 tonight (May 24) as Belle Dingle tries to take the honest approach with her boyfriend Tom King.

As Tom continues to struggle with revelations about the King family's past, Belle's thoughts turn to the tragic loss of her friend Gemma Andrews.

Earlier this week, Tom was shocked when he discovered that his grandfather was killed by his father Carl in 2006.

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Tom learned the truth in a conversation with his uncle Jimmy and the bombshell sent him into another downward spiral.

In Wednesday's episode, Belle wonders how Tom would feel if he knew that she was also once responsible for a death.

Belle is determined to be open with Tom even if it costs them their relationship, so she confesses how she accidentally killed their old friend Gemma in 2014.

Tom is shellshocked and rushes out of the Dingles' cottage, unable to process the news. Belle worries that she has now ruined everything between them.

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Later, with Tom still on edge after Belle's confession, the timing couldn't be worse as Jimmy approaches him to defend Carl.

Tom is furious and squares up against Jimmy, leaving Belle and other onlookers concerned as the argument continues to escalate.

jimmy king, belle dingle, tom king , emmerdale

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Back in 2014, Emmerdale's tragic Gemma storyline saw her clash with Belle in a petty row over the affections of Sean Spencer.

As the friends' tensions spiralled into a physical fight, Belle pushed Gemma to the ground and caused her to hit her head on a rock.

Although Gemma seemed fine in the immediate aftermath, she lost consciousness once Belle left her. Tragically, there was nothing that the doctors could do for Gemma and she ultimately died in hospital.

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