Emmerdale star Lewis Cope calls for Nicky to stay on show

Emmerdale's Lewis Cope hopes his character won't be forced to leave the village once his current explosive storyline wraps up.

Nicky 'the Nanny' Miligan is currently engaged to Gabby Thomas, although he's hiding two major secrets from her.

One is that he's gay and had a boyfriend until very recently, and the other is that he is being forced to marry Gabby by his manipulative dad Caleb as part of a plan to steal Kim Tate's money.

Of course, the truth will come out eventually - it's Emmerdale after all.

And though it's likely Nicky isn't going to have many friends in the village once people know what he's done, Cope is hoping that doesn't mean Nicky will have to leave.

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"I don't know where Nicky goes from here when the secret inevitably comes out, although I'd like for him to stick around in the village," he told Inside Soap magazine. "Despite Nicky's faults, no one's hit me in public yet."

Cope added that despite everything Nicky is putting the oblivious Gabby through, his character is actually fond of her.

"Nicky's not a bad person at all," he said. "I think he cares a lot about Gabby. I think if she knew the truth, he could be her gay best friend!"

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Having said that, he did admit he thinks that Nicky was happy to go through with the wedding until his (now ex-)boyfriend Ally turned up.

Caleb made the couple break up, but it's clear Nicky is second-guessing himself.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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