Emmerdale star shares Kerry Wyatt's future in return plot

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Laura Norton has given her thoughts on Kerry Wyatt's future as she makes her return to the Dales.

As viewers will remember, Kerry left the village to work on a cruise ship back in November 2022 while Norton took time off to welcome her second child.

Now Kerry is set to make an explosive return next week when she's escorted back to the village by a police officer while dressed as Cher, after being accused of stealing while on board the ship.

Chatting to Digital Spy and other media about her return, the actress revealed what's next for Kerry and hinted that her character will find herself involved in further "mishaps" as her daughter Amy's wedding approaches.

kerry wyatt, emmerdale

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Speaking about Kerry's return scenes, Norton said: "Basically, she's been accused of stealing jewellery on the ship. She is arrested and taken off the ship and brought back to Emmerdale."

The actress went on to explain that Kerry will have a difficult time explaining herself to Amy, with her arrest causing an argument between mother and daughter. However, Kerry will ultimately be able to talk her round after insisting the situation is just "a huge misunderstanding".

kerry wyatt, emmerdale

The actress also touched on Kerry's "full Cher regalia" for her return, adding that it had been quite cold while she had been filming the scenes."The costume department did an amazing job, but the writers were not thinking about the fact that it was January and the fact that I've been off and had two babies," she said.

"I wasn't really bothered about wearing hot pants and stuff. It was more just about the cold more than anything. It's quite an entrance that she makes."

kerry wyatt, emmerdale

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Speaking about what's next, Norton revealed there's likely to be "a few mishaps" ahead for Kerry. "I can tell she's just in that mode where she's just going to make a bad decision after bad decision after bad decision," the actress said.

However, when it comes to Amy's wedding Norton warned that Kerry will have to be careful not to push her daughter too far as their relationship is already strained. "She'll have to be careful because you know, she's on a thin wire with Amy," she added.

"So I think she'll probably poke her nose in too much and God knows which direction that will go in then after that. Hopefully she won't spoil anything."

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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