Emmerdale's Chloe Harris confirms revenge plot against Mackenzie Boyd

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Chloe Harris has revealed her revenge plot against Mackenzie Boyd in Emmerdale.

Mackenzie stunned his now-former fiancée earlier this week by suddenly announcing he was leaving her and getting back with wife Charity Dingle.

At the beginning of Tuesday's (November 21) episode, Charity and Mack were entirely convinced the ordeal with Chloe was behind them so they started telling family members they were back together.

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However, they were brazen enough to share a kiss in the village — unaware that Chloe was watching them. Charity was stunned when Chloe charged right over and slapped her across the face!

"Gloat more, you bitch," Chloe shouted at Charity.

As Amy pulled Chloe away, Mack was left with the realisation that Chloe wasn't coping nearly as well as she made out.

Back at home, Amy was irate when Charity showed up, demanding to speak with Chloe one-on-one. Charity insisted neither of them were "squeaky clean" as they'd both lied on Mack's behalf at times.

"It's one-all, yeah, we're even," Charity told her.

Charity encouraged Chloe to come around to the idea of co-parenting Reuben because it's what's best for him. Although it seemed like Charity had a breakthrough, Chloe revealed the truth to Amy later on.

"We're gonna do what we should have done weeks ago," Chloe told Amy.

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Amy sussed out that Chloe must be considering leaving the village again, as Chloe revealed she would sell her engagement ring to get her started somewhere else.

She told Amy about her plans: "It will be fun knowing Mackenzie's going to ruin Charity's 'happy ever after'... They're both going to be pretty miserable, aren't they?

"When Mackenzie is constantly pining after Reuben, after the son he's never going to see again!"

Chloe's secret exit will have huge consequences, as Mack goes to desperate lengths to bring his son back to the village.

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