Emmerdale's Moira shocks Kim with a desperate move

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Moira Dingle pays a difficult visit to Home Farm tonight (May 18) as she seeks to strike a deal with Kim Tate. Moira realises that Kim is the most suitable buyer for Butler's Farm following her shock decision to give up on the long-standing family business.

In Thursday's hour-long episode, Moira's scheming brother-in-law Caleb Miligan pays another visit to Butler's. He's pleased to learn that his secret sabotage has worked just as well as he'd hoped.

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As Caleb discovers that Moira is selling up, he points out that Kim would be keen to buy the land for the planned stud farm. Moira is highly unimpressed by this suggestion after the Dingle family's long history of tensions with Kim.

However, when it becomes clear that Moira doesn't have many other options, she swallows her pride and turns up at Home Farm for urgent talks with Kim.

Kim is stunned as Moira bluntly encourages her to make an offer for the land. It's a deal that Kim has already been trying to secure for years to expand her own estate, but Moira had always proudly refused until now.

With Kim now holding all the cards, will she make Moira a fair offer for the land?

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Earlier this week, viewers saw Moira's existing financial issues worsen thanks to some secret plotting from Caleb. Moira had already been facing tough times at the farm, but the final setback came when Caleb planted screws in the burgers she'd produced for an important client.

The client parted ways with Butler's as a result, which proved to be a tipping point for Moira's troubles.

In secret discussions with his son Nicky, ruthless Caleb has defended his actions as a necessary evil to keep Kim on side and pursue his aim of taking over Home Farm.

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