Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk makes decision over kidnapping case

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Rhona Goskirk has made a huge decision about her kidnapping case in Emmerdale.

Earlier this month, Rhona was arrested when she tried to do a runner with baby Ivy after learning her ex-husband Gus planned to take the baby away to France.

Rhona tried to explain to police that Gus had stolen her embryos to impregnate his late wife Lucy, leaving both of Ivy's living parental figures in legal trouble.

At a meeting with her solicitor in Wednesday's (February 28) episode, Rhona was encouraged to plead guilty to avoid a custodial sentence even though it would mean she'd lose her vet license.

zoe henry as rhona and her solicitor in emmerdale

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"Take it on the chin, as you put it, and lose your job, or make a desperate gamble and still lose your job and your freedom," Mary warned her daughter.

Rhona's solicitor reminded her that if she opted to go to trial, and a jury disagreed with her, she'd face a custodial sentence of "at least two to four years".

Mary and Marlon were shocked when Rhona stormed out of the meeting, sarcastically ordering her family to continue discussing her future without her.

Rhona met up with Vanessa to discuss her options. She admitted to her best mate that she felt like she was "rolling over" without any real benefit by pleading guilty.

"I just don't know what to do and I'm running out of time," Rhona told her.

Vanessa encouraged her mate to make the decision she can live with, rather than what everyone is advising. At the cafe, Rhona told Marlon and Mary she would be rejecting the plea deal.

mark charnock as marlon and zoe henry as rhona in emmerdale

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"I can't stand up in that court tomorrow and brand myself a criminal," Rhona told her mum and husband.

Despite Mary's advice to take the deal, Rhona explained she'd "never be able to live with [herself] if [she] didn't stand up for what's right".

"I know what's at stake, but maybe, maybe, I can win this," she told Mary. "Either way, my mind is made up. I am pleading not guilty."

Will Rhona regret her decision?

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