Relentless storm threat hangs over the Prairies, but with an end in sight

An Omega blocking pattern over Canada is keeping the Prairies locked in its current state of scorching heat and stifling humidity.

In combination with a boundary that is still sitting over the region, the hot, humid air mass could trigger more severe thunderstorms across the Prairies Thursday. While the seemingly endless bouts of severe weather may be tiring, it’s important to not become nonchalant when it comes to monitoring your local weather and alerts. Fortunately, some relief from this stormy weather may be in sight.

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Areas: Southern Prairies and Manitoba-Ontario border

Weather: The slow-moving front will bring another day of active weather to the eastern Prairies with similar hazards with severe thunderstorms that develop. Cities like Brandon, Man., Estevan, Sask., and other cities along the U.S. border have the best potential to see storms that can bring large hail and strong wind gusts.

Baron - Thursday risk Prairies - June9
Baron - Thursday risk Prairies - June9

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Areas: Southern Prairies and Alberta foothills

Weather: As the thunderstorm risk shifts from eastern to western Prairies, there will be a risk right along the border on Friday with storms starting to develop along the Alberta foothills.

Baron - Friday storm energy - June9
Baron - Friday storm energy - June9

Break from the storms ahead

High pressure will force stable air across the region. The ridge of high pressure building back in will focus the hottest temperatures across the northern Prairies and Canada’s Far North.

30°C temperatures will return to northern Alberta and Saskatchewan Friday and into the weekend.

Baron - PR humidex Friday - June9
Baron - PR humidex Friday - June9

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