Epstein Accuser Sues Famed Psychiatrist for ‘Depraved’ Sexual Abuse

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein is suing a licensed psychiatrist who worked for the late sex-trafficker and allegedly “treated” his victims, claiming the wealthy doctor controlled her and raped her for years, new legal filings show.

In the lawsuit filed by an anonymous victim, Henry Jarecki, 91, is accused of participating in Epstein’s sex ring and of sexually abusing the creepy financier’s victims himself.

The details contained in Jane Doe 11’s lawsuit paint a twisted picture of an aging doctor who controlled a young foreign model and forced her into sex with other men—repeatedly assaulting her from 2011 through 2014.

“While Jarecki was elderly, his sexual desires were frequent and depraved,” the complaint states, adding that the psychiatrist showed Doe “pills that he said were testosterone pills that kept his sexual drive equal to that of a 25-year-old.”

“As Jane Doe 11 began showing more signs of depression and stress, Jarecki increased the sexual torture and control of her,” the suit alleges.

Doe’s complaint claims Jarecki raped her dozens of times in New York and trafficked her to his private Caribbean island.

The doctor’s lawyer, Sarita Kedia, told the Wall Street Journal Doe’s claims “will be shown to be entirely false and baseless” and that “Dr. Jarecki never engaged in any abusive conduct with the complainant or any other person.”

Kedia shared the same statement with The Daily Beast, ignoring questions about Jarecki’s trips on Epstein’s private jet.

“We are proud of our client’s bravery and the courage she has shown in filing this litigation,” said Sigrid McCawley, who is representing Doe, in a statement to The Daily Beast.

Brad Edwards, another lawyer for Doe, told the Journal that he hoped more women would come forward with information on Jarecki: “Justice is only achieved through courage and the cooperation of survivors and witnesses.”

Flight records reviewed by The Daily Beast show Jarecki traveled on Epstein’s plane from New Jersey to Santa Fe, New Mexico in March 2001—a trip that included AI pioneer Marvin Minsky, whom Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre has accused of sexual abuse.

That trip also included a “GM” and “VR,” presumably referring to Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Roberts. Days later, the group traveled to West Palm Beach.

In June 2002, Jarecki joined Epstein’s entourage on a trip from New York to Paris. Other passengers included French hair stylist Frédéric Fekkai and his son, French model scout Jean-Luc Brunel (also accused of abusing Epstein victims), and Jarecki and his filmmaker son, Nicholas Jarecki.

According to the lawsuit, Jarecki is a wealthy entrepreneur and longtime friend and confidant of Epstein who shared a mutual “interest in the exploitation and sexual abuse of young women.” The psychiatrist, the filing adds, frequently visited Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and traveled on his private plane.

One 2014 profile in the New Haven Register described the German-born multi-hyphenate doctor’s fortunes, describing him as “a movie and Broadway theatrical producer, Caribbean resort operator, environmentalist and philanthropist.”

The newspaper noted that Jarecki and his wife own two islands in the British Virgin Islands, developing one of them, Guana, into a nature preserve and resort. Jarecki, who made millions in metals trading, also co-founded MovieFone with his son, Andrew, before selling it to AOL for $388 million in 1999.

Doe’s lawsuit is the first time anyone has publicly accused Jarecki of wrongdoing in connection to Epstein’s scheme.

Jarecki “was to serve Epstein’s purposes above the clients to avoid unwanted attention on Epstein’s sexual abuse of these young women,” the suit claims.

“Jarecki also understood that the females Epstein was sending were under Epstein’s control and Jarecki could himself attempt to sexually abuse them without risk of being reported,” the filing states, adding that some women were particularly vulnerable because of their employment or immigration status.

Doe came to the U.S. around 2010 “through a well-known modeling agency” and was trying to obtain a work visa. Another model directed her to Epstein, claiming he had modeling industry connections and could help her career and immigration issues.

“Within days, Jane Doe 11 met with Epstein at his mansion in the Upper East Side, where he promised to help her with her modeling career, acting, and even pay for her college, so long as she listened to him and followed his express instructions,” the lawsuit says. “Almost immediately, Epstein began sexually abusing Jane Doe 11 and then controlling her life.”

Soon after, Epstein arranged for Doe to see Jarecki, who was then about 78 years old.

Doe’s suit alleges that the doctor instructed her to write out “any negative thing that ever happened to her” and kept a hard copy—information he’d later use to control her.

“During this first consultation, Jarecki told Jane Doe 11 that he had something that could make her happy right away,” the filing states. “However, instead of prescribing her medication, Jarecki presented her with an expensive wristwatch.”

Jarecki, the suit says, pressured Doe into taking a tour of his home, then raped her after luring her into his bedroom.

Doe believed Epstein “had absolute power and control over her life and freedom” in the U.S., and after she informed the money-manager of what Jarecki had done, he allegedly ordered her to continue seeing the psychiatrist.

At their next appointment, the complaint says, Jarecki claimed he could save her from Epstein and that she must have a “commercial relationship” with him.

Jarecki then began to sexually abuse and traffic Doe, the lawsuit states, giving her gifts and promising to buy her an apartment “so long as she behaved.”

He allegedly arranged for Doe to move into a Gramercy Park apartment and to be at his beck and call—or face punishment. Doe “felt and believes that she was under constant surveillance by Jarecki,” the complaint alleges.

The psychiatrist, Doe claims, could apparently access the building’s cameras to track her movements and gave her a bedtime of 10 p.m. If he saw her light on, Jarecki would call her and demand for her to go to sleep.

Jarecki would coerce Doe into sex, the lawsuit claims, and if she tried to resist his orders, he would remind her that rent on her apartment was $5,700.

Eventually, Jarecki would force Doe to have sex with other men in front of him.

He also allegedly warned her—in front of his own wife, Gloria—that she’d have to start engaging in threesomes with him and another young woman.

“If you are difficult with me, and refuse to be with one ugly old man, I will ship you back to Epstein so he can send you to more ugly old men, and you won’t be able to do anything about it with your immigration problems,” Jarecki allegedly warned Doe.

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