Eva Longoria ‘has no bad blood’ with ex-‘Desperate Housewives’ co-stars Teri Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan

Eva Longoria is said to have “no bad blood” with her former ‘Desperate Housewives’ co-stars Teri Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan.

The actress, 49, fuelled talk she was feuding with her fellow ex-performers, 59 and 60 respectively, by not naming them in a list of stars from the ABC show with whom she said she still keeps in touch.

But an insider has now told Page Six: “(There is) no bad blood between (any of the co-stars.)

“(Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross) are just simply the ones (Eva) keeps in touch with.”

Eva had said when the Daily Mail asked with which castmates she still keeps in touch with: “I talk to Felicity all the time. I talk to Marcia a lot, but the one probably I talk to most is Ricardo (Chavira), my husband. And Jesse (Metcalfe.)”

Despite the insistence there is no feud, Eva has in the past said she was “bullied” by an unnamed co-worker on the set of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

And in 2018, she did not mention ‘Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ actress Teri when asked with whom from “Desperate Housewives” she was still friendly.

She told Jimmy Kimmel about Felicity, 61, and Marcia, 62, at the time: “We’re very good friends.”

When Jimmy, 56, asked: “All of you?”, Eva added with a laugh: “No. But 99 per cent of us are.”

In 2019, ‘Desperate Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry, 62, said it was “impossible” to get along with an unnamed woman on the show who he said exhibited “behavioural problems.”

He said: “Felicity still insisted on saying, ‘Good morning’ to this actress, even though she knew she wouldn’t get a response.

“I found out about this and asked Felicity about it. She smiled and said, ‘Just because that woman’s determined to be rude, doesn’t mean she can keep me from being polite.’”

The show’s writer Patty Lin, who worked on season one of ‘Desperate Housewives’ said about Teri in her book ‘End Credits: How I Broke Up With Hollywood’: “The writers weren’t barred from the set, but we weren’t exactly welcome.

“Usually we’d only see the cast at table reads, where we’d sit quietly in the back and try not to make eye contact with Teri Hatcher.”