'Every guy's fantasy': Mark Wahlberg praises Halle Berry romance in new movie

Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry in The Union credit:Bang Showbiz
Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry in The Union credit:Bang Showbiz

Mark Wahlberg has hailed his on-screen romance with Halle Berry in their new movie as "every guy's fantasy".

The 53-year-old actor - who has Ella, 20, Michael, 18, Brendan, 15, and 14-year-old Grace with wife Rhea Durham - stars opposite his old friend in 'The Union', in which his blue-collar worker character gets a second chance with his high school sweetheart, and he believes the plot of the Netflix film will offer hope to many men.

He told Fox News Digital: "Halle, her and I have known each other for such a long time, and this movie is going to be so great because it’s every guy’s fantasy, to think that they got a shot with Halle Berry...

"They were childhood sweethearts, and they come back together. He basically waited 25 years for her to come back, walk back through that door and into his life, and it happens, and there isn’t anything he wouldn't do to prove himself to her if he got a second chance.

"For me, that was the whole motivation of the character: just do anything he could to not screw it up again."

The 'Boogie Nights' star admitted it is always "a little weird" to have an on-screen relationship but he and his wife have a strong marriage.

He said: "I think it’s a little weird anyway when you’re portraying some sort of romance onscreen, it’s not normal, but my wife knows that she is my everything.

"She is the most special woman in the world."

Meanwhile, Mark is excited about his upcoming role in 'Flight Risk', in which he plays a wilderness pilot turned crazed hit man because he hasn't played a villain since he starred as an abusive obsessed boyfriend in 'Fear'.

He said: "I’m not interested in being a pilot. I don’t like flying at all, but I was very interested in playing a villain again.

"I hadn’t done that since ‘Fear’ 30 years ago.

"To be able to go back there and play somebody who is [a villain] … it’s an amazing character. I think people are going to be shocked when they see the movie. It’s going to be a good one this summer."