Everything the Vatican has said about Emanuela Orlandi's disappearance

everything the vatican said about emanuela orlandi
Everything the Vatican said about Emanuela OrlandiNetflix

A new Netflix true crime series, Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, dropped last week and has remained firmly in the top 10, with many people rushing to watch the near 40-year-old mystery of Emanuela Orlandi.

In 1983 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi was reported missing by her family after not returning home, to their apartment in the Vatican City, from a music lesson. Ever since there have been numerous leads connected to her missing person case, many of which are covered in the Netflix series, including theories linking her case to the Italian Mafia, the Russian Mafia and the KGB.

However, one of the biggest theories is that the Vatican, where Emanuela lived with her family, has something to do with the case, a claim they have always denied, with even the tagline for the show reading: "There are grains of truth in each theory, but all the roads lead to the Vatican.”

everything the vatican said about emanuela orlandi
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For the last 39 years Emanuela's family have not given up hope of finding out what happened to her.

So what exactly have the Vatican and the Pope said and done about Emanuela's disappearance? This is everything you need to know.

July 2019 - The Vatican agreed to open up two tombs

Following a tip off sent to the family, that claimed Emanuela was buried in a tomb in Teutonic Cemetery, the Vatican agreed to open two tombs.

The tombs of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklenburg were opened but no remains were found of either of the Princesses nor Emanuela.

September 2017 - The Vatican deny document claiming they know something about Emanuela's disappearance

In 2017 a document claimed to be written by a cardinal in the Vatican, saying the Vatican may have been involved with Emanuela's disappearance, was released.

The five page, typewritten document was condemned by the Vatican and called a "fake". A spokesperson for the Vatican, Greg Burke, said the allegations in the document are "false and ridiculous."

2013 - Pope Francis said Emanuela was 'in heaven'

everything the vatican said about emanuela orlandi

When Pope Francis became the new pope in 2013, the Orlandi family thought he would have been able to assist their case.

According to Pietro Orlandi (Emanuela's brother), via The Telegraph, Pope Francis said to the family "Emanuela is in heaven."

Pietro said it "chilled" his blood to hear those words. He said: "It chilled my blood to hear the Pope say Emanuela was dead. We don't know if she is alive or dead because there is no evidence. But for a head of state to say that Emanuela was dead meant he knew more than we did.”

May 2012 - The Vatican agrees for the tomb of Mr. De Pedis to be opened

Following another lead, the Vatican agreed for the tomb of Mr. De Pedis, a notorious local crime boss to be opened.

As well as Mr. De Pedis' remains there were many other bones discovered nearby the crypt.

There was speculation Emanuela was buried there however, none of the bones were identified as hers.

Pietro Orlandi said he didn't believe her remains were buried there but that it was important for the Vatican to be working with the family.

He said: "It’s very positive. Especially because this hadn’t been the case in the past. The Vatican’s silence for 29 years remains inexplicable for me. I never expected her to be buried there, but it was important to clear up a doubt ."

25th July 1983 - Pope John Paul II prays for Emanuela

everything the vatican said about emanuela orlandi

During one of his weekly prayers Pope John Paul II addressed 4,000 people and asked them again to pray for Emanuela.

He said: "Once again I invite you to pray for this Emanuela Orlandi who is in the heart of all and constitutes, as in a family, our great preoccupation.''

3rd July 1983 - Pope John Paul II makes first public appeal for Emanuela

Just under two weeks after Emanuela was reported missing Pope John Paul II made his first public appeal about Emanuela and said he was close to the Orlandi family.

Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi is available on Netflix now.

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