Ex-Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka Makes 'WTF' Racist Comment About Kamala Harris

Right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka drew ire on Tuesday when he described Kamala Harris — the first Black, Asian American vice president — as a “DEI hire” and “colored.”

The former Donald Trump White House aide’s shocking comments came as he predicted on Newsmax that donors will eventually force Joe Biden to quit his 2024 campaign following the president’s disastrous debate performance.

Host Rob Schmitt asked Gorka, “Do these donors really think that Kamala Harris is going to do better in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania than Joe Biden would? I mean, that’s because it can’t be anybody else, right?”

Trump loyalist Gorka replied, “You’re being logical. Stop it. All right? She’s a DEI hire, right? She’s a woman. She’s colored. Therefore, she’s got to be good. And at least her brain doesn’t literally freeze in mid-sentence.”

Watch the video here:

Critics have equated right-wingers’ use of the term “DEI hire” to a racial slur.

And Gorka’s commentary — which followed fellow ex-Trump White House aide John Ullyot’s “DEI hire” slam of Harris earlier this week on the same network — sparked anger on X, formerly Twitter: