Ex-WH Doc Who Raved About Trump's Health Throws The Most Hypocritical Tantrum Ever

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), a former White House physician known for his fawninghealth boasts about Donald Trump, was outraged by the results of President Joe Biden’s annual physical exam.

Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, said in a detailed statement Wednesday that the president had received a comprehensive physical examination including consultations with multiple specialists. He included details about medications and several conditions, including spinal arthritis and sleep apnea, and said Biden had undergone a neurological exam.

He concluded the president is healthy and “fit for duty.”

“This whole report is absolutely ridiculous,” Jackson told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night. “It’s nothing more than the White House’s effort to check the box and hope that we’ll move on from this.”

“This was a complete joke by Dr. O’Connor,” Jackson added, railing against the physician for not conducting a cognitive exam.

Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said Wednesday O’Connor and Biden’s neurologist had determined a cognitive test was not necessary.

Jackson continued to rage on social media:

“Ridiculous” was an interesting accusation from the man infamous for his glowing assessment of Trump’s health in early 2018, when he was White House physician.

In a press conference, Jackson made a series of claims about the then-president, including that he could have lived to 200 if he had a better diet and has “incredibly good genes.”

Last year, he suggested the cognitive test Trump claims he “aced” as president was difficult, prompting experts to point out that it’s supposed to be easy for anyone who is not cognitively impaired.