Exclusive: AEW's Scorpio Sky on what he's learnt from Dan Lambert

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Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

Scorpio Sky was one of AEW's first signs back when the company was formed in January 2019. He and then partner Frankie Kazarian, went on to become the company's first ever tag team champions before he broke away from the group.

Now Sky is one half of The Men Of The Year with Ethan Page who are aligned with Dan Lambert and his American Top Team MMA fighters.

On Friday's edition of Rampage (October 15) Sky and Page will team with MMA fighter Junior dos Santos to take on Chris Jericho, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara.

Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

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Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy ahead of the match, Sky was reluctant to give anything away about the training Dos Santos has been doing but did say the MMA fighter has being having "so much fun" in AEW.

"When it comes to the match are we expecting him to go in the ring on Friday and be Bret the Hitman Hart, The Excellence Of Execution? No and he doesn't have to be.

"The only thing he has to do is take one of his big fists and put it on someone's chin and hit him so hard that their ancestors feel it. If he can do that, which we know he can, we're going to be very successful."

Dan Lambert had been seen on Dynamite for a few weeks before he aligned himself with Sky and Page who had just come off a major feud with Sting and Darby Allin.

Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

Speaking about how the alliance came about, Sky revealed it was Tony Khan who thought Lambert would be a great fit for the team.

"Dan Lambert is a guy, you know a lot of people say, 'Oh Page and Scorpio Sky, they don't need anyone to talk for them, they can talk.'

"We can, but when you add somebody like Dan Lambert, he's going to light a fuse and throw gasoline on it. He's very polarizing, he's going to divide the audience.

"All you have to do is look at social media after one of our segments, half the audience loves what he did, loves what we did, and the other half absolutely cannot stand him and doesn't want him on TV.

Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

"That shows you're doing something right. So he's going to add another element to our act that's going to get even more eyes on us. So, I appreciate it and I love it and I think it's working."

Lambert's promos typically run down AEW, the roster and the fans, and are met with a chorus of boos from the live crowd.

But Lambert is always completely undeterred by what anyone has to say about him and that's one of the things Sky loves most about him.

"I love the way he just doesn't give a f *** about anything," Sky said. "As performers we're all a little bit aware, maybe too much, of what people are saying about us, what critics are saying about us, whether it be in articles or on social media.

Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

"Dan doesn't care, I don't think he has a Twitter he may not even know what a Twitter is. He just goes out and says what he wants to say and could not care less about what people think.

"That's something that all of us as performers need to take into account because we're all a little bit too sensitive. Obviously we do all have thick skin but it's hard to have a lot of critics saying things about you and it does eventually get to you," Sky continued.

"But that's one thing I would take from Dan is just to not give a f*** and I have a little bit of that in me already, so he's helping me make it even stronger."

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