Exotic Dancer Says She Was Excluded from Family Member's Wedding After Groom Visited Strip Club Where She Works

"It's as if everyone thought 'Well, she’s a stripper and the future husband saw her naked once! She’s not invited!' " the woman wrote on Reddit

<p>Kristina Kokhanova/Getty; Tetra Images/Getty</p> Exotic Dancer says she was excluded from family member

Kristina Kokhanova/Getty; Tetra Images/Getty

Exotic Dancer says she was excluded from family member's wedding

One woman has taken to Reddit to share her discovery that she was the only family member not invited to a wedding — and the reason behind her exclusion.

On the popular "Am I the A------?" subreddit, the woman, 30, detailed how she left her corporate job five years ago to pursue a career as an exotic dancer. She recounted that three weeks into her new job, she encountered her family member's significant other — referred as Bob — at the club where she worked.

"Bob and I both agreed to not say anything to anyone," the woman wrote in the post, which has garnered over 5,000 likes. "Also, when you’re hired at this club, we sign a confidentiality agreement to not speak about patrons seen in the club. I also want to mention we never touched or did a lap dance, but he saw me naked, considering the occupation."

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<p>Aleksandr Rybalko/Getty</p> Young woman pole dancing in Night Club

Aleksandr Rybalko/Getty

Young woman pole dancing in Night Club

However, things took a turn for the worse four years later when Bob and her family member — whom she calls Beth — announced their wedding plans. At the time, the woman discovered that somehow news of her encounter with Bob had come to light. It was through this ordeal that the rest of her family also learned of her profession as an exotic dancer.

Not long after, she learned her parents and siblings had all been invited to Bob and Beth's wedding, but she hadn't.

"Every single family member attended the wedding without issue except for my mom and dad (who decided not to attend based on the fact I was excluded). I asked them to attend regardless, considering I really am not a huge fan of weddings anyway," she wrote.

Months after the wedding, the woman shared in the post how she was still bothered by the situation. She said, "Not by the lack of invitation, but what seems like the complete agreement from my entire family that I deserved to be excluded (excluding my parents, siblings still attended.")

"It's as if everyone thought 'Well, She’s a stripper and the future husband saw her naked once! She’s not invited!' And everyone agreed 100%," she added, mentioning how she didn't attend Christmas with her family this year either because of the situation.

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<p>Vershinin/Getty</p> Woman pole dancing in a nightclub


Woman pole dancing in a nightclub

Since posting, the comment section of the post has become divided over whether or not it was right for the bride and groom to exclude the family member from their big day. One person said they disagree with anyone saying it's reasonable that the couple didn't invite their family member.

"It's not reasonable because you're a stripper, and it's not reasonable because of Bob's involvement. If she's that uncomfortable with the Bob situation, then she probably shouldn't be marrying him. She would be blaming you for Bob's issues," the user wrote.

Another user wrote how it's fair that the couple didn't include her on their big day. "To be fair, the bride was probably bothered by the fact that her husband saw you naked," the comment read.

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