F1 champ Nico Rosberg takes delivery of Rimac Nevera #001

Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg is the first customer to take delivery of a production Rimac Nevera, the 1,914-horsepower electric hyper-GT that currently holds the title of fastest production car in the 1/4-mile. Hey, if you're going to save the world from climate change, why not do it as fast as possible?

Kidding aside, it's a good thing Rosberg is no stranger to speed, because the Nevera offers more performance than the typical enthusiast would know what to do with. Packing 1,718 pound-feet of torque to go with its nearly 2,000 horses, the Nevera not only cracks off the 1320 in 8.582 seconds at 167.51 mph, it does it after casually hitting 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Don't bother looking up Tesla specs; even the lightning-quick Model S Plaid can't sit at this table.

VIN #001 is not technically the first production-spec Nevera; that honor goes to (surprise, surprise) VIN #000, which Rimac keeps in-house as a showcase for its interior and exterior customization options. Rosberg optioned his in what he calls "full Batmobile spec," or what an aging segment (Hi, friends!) of the enthusiast population still tries to call "murdered out."

001's exterior is finished in Stellar Black paint with polished Vertex wheels and gloss black brake calipers. Rimac calls it "perhaps the most menacing personality of Nevera possible." The interior is finished in all black Alcantara and features a ‘Nico Rosberg’ signature plaque on the armrest with its serial number affixed.

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