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‘Outlander’ (Starz, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m.)

This Season’s Theme: Executive producer Maril Davis thinks that Voyager, the title of the book that serves as the basis for Season 3, couldn’t be more apt. “It’s all about Claire and Jamie and their 20-year journey to get back together, and about trying to move on [while separated] and build lives. It’s all about the journey to find your best self when part of you is missing.”

Where We Left Off: Assuming he wouldn’t survive the bloody battle of Culloden, Jamie (Sam Heughan) sent a pregnant Claire (Caitrionia Balfe) through the stones, where she reunited with her original husband, Frank. He agreed to raise the child as his own if she put her Highlands honey behind her.

Coming Up: An epic last stand between enemies reveals Jamie’s fate, which he considers worse than death. “We never see Culloden in the books, which was disappointing,” Davis says. “We have been talking about it for two seasons, so we knew it had to be in there even though it was a huge undertaking — 10 days of very intricately choreographed movements.” Meanwhile, Claire attempts a do-over with Frank in America, gives birth, and tries to overcome her grief by becoming a doctor.

A Case for Frank: Balfe knows Jamie is Claire’s soulmate, but she has a soft spot for Frank. “People love to pick sides and vilify Frank, but he never did anything wrong to her. He was a good husband and the center of her world. She was the one thrown through time, [who had] this experience that changed how she felt. The tragedy is that they’re both good people. They both make overtures, but the timing’s never right. They’re two people who have love and respect for each other, but [it’s a] compromised marriage.” — Carrie Bell

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