Family fears the worst after discovery of body

Human remains were found at this west end Saskatoon baseball diamond on Sunday.

A family in Saskatoon is bracing for bad news following the discovery of human remains in the city on Sunday.

On Wednesday, CBC News spoke to a family member who said they fear the body may be that of A.J Cachene.

Police have only said that the body was that of an adult male. It was noticed by two men who were checking on the condition of the Glen Reeve ball diamonds, located on the city's west end.

"First reaction: That's a strange place for somebody to be sleeping," Paul Foley, from the Raiders Softball Association, told CBC News Monday about what he saw. "Then we kind of went round again and said, 'I think that's somebody's body out there.'"

It is believed the body went unnnoticed because it was underneath snow in the park for some time.

The body was found near a bench behind the first baseline fence of ball diamond number five.

It was badly decomposed and officers from the Saskatoon police major crimes unit were still investigating how the man died and how he came to be in the ball diamond.

An autopsy was done Wednesday. However, CBC News was told that dental records will likely be needed to confirm the identity.

Cachene's brother and other family members were gathering at their home reserve to await news of any further developments in the case.