Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness: How Much Should You Really Spend on Your Routines?

We all have our own preferences for our daily routines, whether they be our wardrobe, beauty regime, or wellness practices. Sometimes, these routines can become quite costly. Think about your monthly gym membership or your subscription to pre-packaged vegan or keto meals. Beauty products are also extremely expensive, not to mention supplements and items we need for our homes, pets, or family.

The cost of these items can quickly add up. The key is to determine the truly essential items in these categories and budget accordingly. When you spend money, you want it to be something that really adds value to your life.

Here are 10 essential items for your fashion, beauty, and wellness routines that give you more bang for your buck.

Relax With Sunmed’s CBD Gummies

Some may call it a fad, but edibles aren’t going away anytime soon. You may have heard of Sunmed’s edible sleep gummies.

There’s been some controversy surrounding the legalization of cannabinoids for medical purposes, but that’s generally based on a common misunderstanding: Let’s talk about what CBD really is.

There are 113 different cannabinoids found in cannabis (hemp). CBD, which is short for Cannabidiol, is one of the minors found in high concentrations of hemp. This version can deliver unique health benefits without the side effects caused by THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the major psychoactive component in cannabis — better known as the “high” part of hemp. It’s not the same cannabinoid as CBD. Good to go?

Now, back to edible sleep gummies. Gummies are part of more people’s wellness routines than ever before, delivering deeper and more restful sleep. We are often overstimulated, especially by devices like smartphones that interfere with restorative sleep.

Those who benefit from edible sleep gummies will tell you that CBD products are good for more than just a sleeping aid. According to a poll by Forbes Health, the most highly used form of non-THC cannabinoids are gummies or other edibles. CBD may help offset depression and anxiety. Those that experience PTSD may also notice that CBD helps lessen their symptoms.

If you have trouble sleeping or have certain medical issues that may be preventing you from proper rest, edible sleep gummies could be a huge help. Ask your doctor if gummies might be part of your daily routine that you’re missing — and worth every penny.

Soothe Your Pup With CBD From ElleVet

Did you know that all the benefits mentioned in the previous section can also apply to your pet?

Our animals are part of the family. It’s only natural for their health and wellness to be a major part of our own daily choices. Many pet parents found their pups have a new pep in their step with dog CBD from ElleVet.

Pets get stressed out, just like humans. A common example is dogs and their relationship with thunderstorms or fireworks. The poor animals shake with fear or cower under the bed. Our hearts just simply break for them. Of course, some dogs are more anxious than others. Like people, dogs are individuals, and all react in their own unique way when stressed.

Dog CBD can help alleviate several other symptoms as well. Joint discomfort is a big one, especially in larger or senior pets. Cognitive issues in older pets have also improved with the use of CBD. This supplement also has helped alleviate itching and even certain behavioral issues.

Luckily, CBD for dogs comes in a variety of different forms, so even the pickiest pet should find at least one version desirable. Whether it’s soft gels or peanut-flavored chews, CBD isn’t just for humans and can be essential in your pet’s life.

Take Fatty15’s Supplements

Is your diet providing all the nutrients you need? In our busy lives, we all need a little boost now and then. That’s where knowledge about the benefits of fish oil from industry expert Fatty15 can come in handy.

You’ve probably heard about the wonders of Omega-3 fatty acids, and the science has spoken. These fatty acids are considered essential for us to thrive. What’s fascinating about this particular fatty acid is that you need it, but you can’t produce it — hence the hype.

Believe it or not, though it’s a supplement, fish oil may be the easiest way for us to ingest the essential fatty acid, Omega-3. While we can obtain this from fish, most people do not consume an adequate amount to get what their body needs.

There is also the harsh fact that a lot of us simply do not like fish. It is also pretty tricky to find fresh fish (for some), depending on your location or proximity to a major body of water. Frozen fish sticks are definitely not what the doctor ordered.

Fish oil capsules, although detested for the smell, are readily available and as easy to work into your daily routine as a vitamin. Omega-3 can support heart health via blood pressure regulation and body weight maintenance. Fish oil can also help soothe chronic inflammation, which helps the body’s immune response and system.

Regardless of the potential side effects and odor, many regular users of fish oil will rave about its benefits. That makes it a strong contender for being an essential part of one’s daily health routine.

Add MCT Powder From BUBS Naturals to Your Routine

Another fat that is beneficial to your health can be found in MCT. MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides, can be found in coconut and palm oil. Better yet, if oil capsules are not your thing, try MCT powder from BUBS Naturals. Packed with all the same health benefits, MCT powder may be a worthwhile addition to your daily health routine.

As it has grown as a supplement over the years, MCT has been associated with increased energy to appetite control — even cardio support. This connection has been discovered in part due to the rise of the ketogenic diet popularity and new research on the benefits of coconut oil.

In powder form, MCT becomes a much more convenient supplement. Due to it being light and free-flowing, it is soluble in both hot and cold liquids. Even better — incorporate MCT powder into your baked goods. There are also claims that powder form is easier to digest than liquid oil, which means that those with sensitive systems can benefit.

Using MCT powder can increase your energy level. It takes the express route to the liver, where ketogenic magic can happen. In short, it’s a non-jittery compound that brings an increased focus as well as immediate mental clarity. MCT can also help support gut health (we love that) and curb those sugar and appetite cravings.

It’s not a miracle supplement by any means, but adding MCT powder to your health routine could very well support your overall health in significant ways.

Detox With Dr. Kellyanns’s 5 Day Cleanse

Our bodies get bombarded with toxins daily, so it is imperative that we carefully flush them out of our system on occasion. Dr. Kellyann’s 5 day cleanse is a great way to refresh and reset your body in a safe and effective way.

When most of us think of a “cleanse,” we think of deprivation and starvation. However, a gentle cleanse replenishes what the body needs while at the same time eliminating the toxins that don’t do anything but deprive you. While it’s true that most cleanses are to support your efforts in weight loss and management, there can be even more benefits.

In addition to helping eliminate bloat, a cleanse rich in collagen and bone broth will satisfy your hunger and help you burn fat! Also, by using a formula low in carbs and sugar, you can avoid those roller coaster sugar cravings.

It’s easier to detox with a simple, five-day cleanse, which will have everything you need to complete the goal successfully. The old days of choking down some tasteless and questionable liquid mixture to detox are gone. Today, you can have smoothies, broth, and chicken soup during your cleanse.

Another important thing about a five-day cleanse: it’s simple enough to do it once a month, every couple of months, or just a few times a year without completely interrupting your normal routine in any other way. It is a worthwhile addition to a wellness ritual.

Sport Boho Chic Pieces From Johnny Was

A huge part of how we feel and carry ourselves is due to our wardrobe. Obviously, our attire changes depending on our mood or the occasion, but, in general, we all have the same goal with Johnny Was boho womens clothing — to be stylish, comfortable, and look amazing.

Bohemian style (Boho) clothing grew to peak popularity in 2022. Styles that were previously considered done for are now back and welcomed with open arms.

Even with a 200-year-old history, you most likely trace Boho style back more recently to the 1960s and 1970s. Today, merging with that same hippie movement, Boho is once again associated with self-expression and rejecting conventional ideals.

The Boho aesthetic remains comfortable, unique, and beautiful with flared silhouettes, balloon sleeves, fringing, and embroidery. Considering most workers were on lockdown for the past few years, it’s no surprise that a free-spirited, anti-structure dress code is reigning supreme.

It is also important to note that Boho women’s clothing pairs well with the fact that vintage and sustainable clothing has never been more popular. The idea of thrifted, reworked, or recycled styles makes sense in the present. While it could be considered higher priced, the opposite of that assumption rings more true. You can find Boho-style fashions in almost any consignment shop, yard sales, and flea markets.

Indulge in Snif’s Cherry Perfume

It is not enough to look our best if we don’t feel our best. Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to wearing a fragrance. Adding some Snif cherry perfume to your beauty ritual can really give you a boost.

One plus to wearing perfume is to enhance your mood. A playful cherry smell can trigger happy memories of your childhood or children. It can be a great way to relieve some of the stress and monotony of your daily routine.

If you are stressed out about sweating when you’re nervous, a good perfume can give you that extra level of security. It can help keep you from worrying about how you smell when in the elevator or giving a presentation in the conference room.

A lovely-smelling perfume can also lift your confidence, making you feel attractive and desirable. In addition to giving you happy thoughts and feelings, a better attitude can give a boost to your overall health. Although there’s no evidence that a unique cherry perfume can improve your physical health, any time you enhance your overall mood, your body will benefit.

Perfumes and scents, like the ones found in certain essential oils, can help with headaches and improve your ability to fall asleep and rest more easily. While there are some expensive perfumes on the market, the same benefits can be found in more economical perfumes as well. A favorable fragrance can be a powerful addition to your essential beauty routine.

Grab Vegan Makeup From Pacifica Beauty

Continuing with the idea of feeling our best, makeup that helps boost confidence but weighs guilt-free on your conscience is becoming the norm with most beauty lines. In addition to wanting our diets to be natural and cruel-free to animals, we want vegan makeup from Pacifica Beauty to follow those same rules.

The makeup you use should be made with ingredients that promote happy and healthy skin. There is no need for harsh chemicals or toxic pollutants that can easily aggravate sensitive skin.

There is also the ethical position that testing those types of products on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Luckily, most makeup lines have evolved away from those types of studies, and vegan makeup takes that next essential step.

A vegan beauty product simply means a product that contains no animal ingredients. While it is a different term than cruelty-free (which means only that the product is not tested on animals), most vegan makeup is also cruelty-free. In the past, product choices were limited, but fortunately, times have changed.

Now it is possible to have your entire beauty routine consist of all vegan makeup; from the primer to the finishing powder, your beauty line can now reflect your mindset and support a lifestyle that is important to you. A beauty product that can do all that, and give you a healthy, radiant look, is more than essential — it’s priceless!

Have the Last Lash With Lashify’s DIY Lash Extensions

Many women will tell you that Lashify DIY lash extensions are an essential beauty item because of the money you can save. With professional lash extension sessions running hundreds of dollars, a more hands-on approach is far more economical.

Long and luscious lashes bring a lot of attention to your eyes, and unlike makeup, they won’t rub off or fade throughout the day. By adding lash extensions, your entire face brightens and looks made up, even if you haven’t applied any other makeup. This is especially beneficial to women who either can’t or don’t prefer to wear heavy makeup but still want to improve their look.

There are also DIY lash extensions that are cruelty-free and virtually weightless, so anyone can try them and end up loving them! They are budget-friendly enough to be a major staple in your beauty product supply. In addition, the at-home kits make applying your own lash extensions easier than ever. There’s also no damage when you remove them.

Good DIY lash extension companies, like Lashify, have instructional videos on their website to teach you the easy and pain-free way to apply your lash extensions. You don’t have to be an expert if you want to try them for a new look. High-quality lashes will allow you to practice until perfect and provide you with a guide every step of the way.

Set It Straight With The Beard Club

It is important to remember that men have beauty rituals too, and there’s nothing more classic than a shave with a straight razor from The Beard Club. The straight razor has barely changed in over 200 years. The quintessential shave experience for men has always been the straight razor at the barbershop.

That is one of the reasons why the straight razor has been reinvented for the modern age. More men than ever are starting to go back to their roots. Made with stainless steel blades, a straight razor will keep its sharp edge for a long time. It’s a worthy investment because, unlike disposable razors, if it should ever become dull, it can be sharpened.

Not only does a straight razor give you better lines and shave, but it’s also easy to keep clean of hair and dirt, unlike disposable or electric razors.

Nowadays, men can enjoy the same convenience that women do with subscription services and get modern shaving products delivered right to their door — the perfect complement to the straight razor.


No matter what your fashion, wellness, or beauty regime consists of, all that matters is that it fits your budget. If it brings you happiness, health, and confidence, only you can determine if it’s worth the cost.

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