Feels like Antarctica: Polar vortex brings frigid temperatures to Alberta

Parts of Alberta will see dangerously-cold temperatures this week as the polar vortex spreads frigid air southwards over the province through Tuesday.

To put this chill into perspective, globally, the coldest temperatures ever recorded on Earth have been in Antarctica.

"Although Antarctica is currently experiencing its "summer," temperatures at weather and research stations along the coast are sitting at balmy single digit highs," says Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Meanwhile, at the South Pole weather station, temperatures are stuck in the -30s, with wind chills in the -40s.

Antarctica temperatures
Antarctica temperatures

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For Alberta, a dangerous cold will envelop the region into Tuesday morning where temperatures for the northern half of the province will drop below -30°C.

Communities such as Edmonton could see temperatures bottom out at -35°C into early Tuesday morning! Wind chills are forecast to be bitter, making things feel even closer to the -40s.

Frost bite can occur within minutes under these conditions, so residents are urged to take the necessary precautions to limit exposure to the extreme cold.

Tuesday temperature values
Tuesday temperature values

"The good news is, this extreme cold is forecast to be temporary as temperatures will jump back up to near seasonal for Wednesday and the lobe of the coldest air migrates east," Sonnenburg adds.