Festive fragrances to fill the air with cheer

Fill the air with the smell of Christmas (ESPA/PA)
Fill the air with the smell of Christmas (ESPA/PA)

Alongside a twinkling Christmas tree, the flicker of candlelight makes everything feel a little more luxe during this time of year.

As Thomas Gibson, co-founder of designer dupe fragrance firm Noted. Aromas (, says: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s time to switch up your home fragrance wardrobe to something delightfully festive.”

From the delectably sweet smells of gingerbread and candy canes to the fresh and invigorating scent of the tree, Gibson says festive fragrances have the power to evoke memories and feelings of nostalgia from Christmases past.

Scented candles are the unsung heroes of Christmas decorations – mood-enhancing and stress-busting, it only takes a few minutes of a lit candle to put you in a festive frame of mind.

As well as the usual bright citrussy scents, Chloë Luxton, founder of Bramley ( recommends playing around with festive fragrance notes, such as clove, frankincense, orange, myrrh, and pine.

This year, candle junkies will love ESPA’s limited edition midnight blue vessel, with the enticing scent of Christmas spice and all things nice.

Katy Simpson, founder and CEO of Noble Isle (, says: “Fragrance is as important for a home, as décor is at Christmas – adding to the atmosphere.”

And beyond the festive scents of Christmas trees, frankincense and myrrh, her seasonal favourite is the smell of whisky, saying it “evokes a feeling of sitting with a smooth dram of whisky by the fire”.

The uplifting scent of pine cones can also empower feelings of wellbeing. “Pine cones make for perfect holiday decorations – and are even better when they are fragranced,” says Luxton.

She says you first need to collect a bunch of fallen pine cones – either straight from your garden or a winter walk in the woods. “Dry your collected pine cones and present them in a decorative bowl,” she advises, then spray them with a cinnamon-scented oil.

Gibson is also all about bringing a touch of the outdoors inside, saying: “Seasonal plants and flowers are not only lovely to look at, but they also add freshness and a lovely scent to boot.”

More festive fragrances to try…

Noted. Aromas Christmas Tree Candle, £19.99

Loaf Christmas Eve Smelly Reed Diffuser, £29

St Eval Figgy Pudding Scented Christmas Tin Candle, £13.45

Richard Pomeroy X Bramley Winter Candle, £50, Bramley

The White Company Myrrh Signature Candle, £20

Noble Isle Pinewood Luxury Scented Candle, £42

Zesty Lemons Ho Ho Ho Christmas Reed Diffuser in Enchanted Forest, £16 (was £20); Xmas 2022 Christmas Scented Candle in Enchanted Forest, £12.50

And So To Shop Christmas Reed Diffuser, £33-£36.50