UPDATE: Fire 'under control' in 198 Road area

Update (6:26 p.m., May 11th) This wildfire is now listed as 'under control,' according to BC Wildfire Service.

BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) has now listed the wildfire that started near 198 Road on May 10th as 'under control,' according to its website.

Located approximately 25 kilometres from Dawson Creek in an area near Tom’s Lake, the fire was first reported on Friday afternoon.

The fire is currently listed at two hectares, according to BCWS.

BCWS says the suspected cause is human activity.

The 198 Road fire was second wildfire reported in the Dawson Creek area Friday. A wildfire near Farmington was also reported and was listed 'under control' on May 10th.

Energeticcity.ca will update this story as more information becomes available.

Edward Hitchins, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Energeticcity.ca