First look at 'Spider-Man 2' gameplay shows Spidey in the Venom suit

The game will feature action that flips seamlessly between Peter Parker and Miles Morales


At the end of Sony's PlayStation Showcase today, the company gave us our first extended look at Spider-Man 2, including a fair bit of gameplay showing off both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Perhaps most significant, though, Parker is wearing the iconic black Venom suit — for those less familiar with Spider-Man lore, the Venom suit gives Parker a ton of wild additional powers. But, it's also an alien symbiote that quite possibly could be affecting Peter's best judgement. How he ends up with the suit remains a mystery, but I wager it'll be a big part of the new game.

The preview also showed an extended action sequence where gameplay seamlessly flips between controlling Parker and Morales. A lot of the gameplay feels familiar, particularly in the hand-to-hand fighting area, but the new suit clearly offers a ton of new moves, while a wild chase through Queens gives a good sense of the kind of action we can expect outside taking down hordes of bad guys. We also got to see a new trick for Miles, as he now has a sort of "wingsuit" glider that lets him float over extended distance. This trick wasn't part of the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game from 2020 where we first got to control the younger Spidey.

It also looks like the game's map will be bigger than ever before — the first game covered most of Manhattan, but from this preview we've also seen Queens, and a huge portion of the chase sequence took place on the water, as well. The original Spider-Man already put together a convincing and massive version of New York City, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this one expands on it. We'll get the chance this fall, though there's still no official release date. Insomniac Games did say they hoped to share a final date "soon."